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  1. Hello All. I have the big red Sahara tank on my XR650R and I was wondering if I can fit a White Brothers E-series full exhaust system on it at the same time. The Sahara tank has mounting braces that route under the radiators which may interfere with an aftermarket header pipe that routes closer to the radiator than the stock header. Anyone have insight into this question? Thanks in advance...
  2. littleyellowbat

    Timing Question on 150RB

    Ok. Thats kinda what I was thinking but just wanted to check with someone else. Thanks for the tip!
  3. littleyellowbat

    Timing Question on 150RB

    I was wondering if I could get better low end torque by simply retarding the cam timing a tooth? I know this was a method used in the old days but I wasnt sure if this would work on this bike. Anybody have experience trying this? Looking for better low end torque for off road riding....
  4. littleyellowbat

    Ohlins Suspension Tech - Denver

    I'm looking for someone in the Denver area that has experience with Ohlins revalves for forks and shocks. I have an '03 TM250 mx that I am trying to dial in for single track offroad riding in the high rockies. Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks.
  5. littleyellowbat

    Oversized front brake rotor for YZ250

    I just went out and put my EBC oversized disc on the backside of my big vise and gave each of the floating rivets a good whack. One or two seemed a little loose but after tightening them all the disc still has a good wobble to it. no dice. I hope one of you can dig up a spare piece you would be willing to part with...
  6. littleyellowbat

    Oversized front brake rotor for YZ250

    Ok guys. I have a simple question. I have an EBC oversized rotor on my bike. Last year the disc became warped so I thought i'd just get a stock sized disc (since they are plentiful and relatively inexpensive) to replace it. Well, I just realized as I was putting on the new disc that I need the stock caliper offset spacer to make the new disc fit. Since I bought this bike second hand a few years ago I did not get the stock caliper spacer. In the parts cataloge you have to buy a whole new caliper ($180) to get this spacer. Do any of you know where I can get one of these stock spacers that will fit a 05 YZ250? Anybody want to sell one??? Thank you in advance for any help you may have.
  7. littleyellowbat

    GasGas Pampera Help

    On the 03 models the coil is mounted on the left downtube on the frame. However, the new frame does not have the moutning tabs there.
  8. littleyellowbat

    GasGas Pampera Help

    Hi guys. I am in the process of swapping out the frame on my wifes Pampera. The old frame simply fell apart. In my opinion the frame for this bike is under-built. Anyway we were able to get a newer pampera frame (04 or newer??) to replace the old one. The bike was an 03 model. The new frame seems to be missing the mounting points for the coil...assuming the later models had the coil in the same place as the 03 model. Can anyone tell me where the coil is mounted on a 04 or later Pampera? Thanks.
  9. littleyellowbat

    what flywheel weight do you run for woods!

    SHouldnt need to change jetting...
  10. littleyellowbat

    18 inch rear ?

    Wont you have a geometry problem with an 18" rear and a 21" front? The total height of an 18" tire is less than that of a 19" tire. I have seen it said that some racers will use a 18" rear and a 20" front on a YZ. maybe simply sliding the forks up in the clamps will fix that problem...
  11. littleyellowbat

    Putting a Full '05 WR suspension on a '05 YZ

    Sounds great... Looks like I may need to slide the forks up in the clamps a little to compensate for the slightly shorter shock. Hopefully I can keep the handling decent.
  12. I am considering installing wr forks and shock from a '05 WR250 on a '05 YZ250. Does anyone have experience with this?? Will the fork tubes from the WR fit the YZ triples and is the shock length of the WR approx the same as the YZ? I know that the WR forks are technilogicaly a little behind the YZ's but I really am looking for a ride on the YZ that closely resembles a WR for tight single track type riding. Any info regarding this is greatly appreciated.
  13. littleyellowbat

    05 YZ250 suspension swap question

    Thanks for the replies. I'm going to look into the revalve option. I really do need a more compliant ride. I am much faster when I am not riding a motocross suspension setup.
  14. littleyellowbat

    05 YZ250 suspension swap question

    Will the shock and forks from later model WR450s/250s fit an 05 yz250? I am looking at options for smoothing out my ride since I principally ride enduro/woods/rocks terrain. If anyone has experience with this a response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. littleyellowbat

    O-ring size

    Can anybody help me? There is no reference to the size of these o-rings in all the literature I can get my hands on. I would use my old ones to measure from but they are severely swollen. Thanks.