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  1. ryry444

    06 only runs with choke on and backfires

    Ok so the pilot was black as night looking through it. After soaking it in carb cleaner and using a sewing needle it finally gave way, whatever was in there was really stuck. I took the carb off and blew everything out really well. It was clogged as well because the carb cleaner was not blowing threw at first like it did after some compressed air and more cleaner. I'll get it back together next sat and confirm if that fixes it. Thanks for the help!
  2. ryry444

    06 only runs with choke on and backfires

    When I took the pilot out the top was open and four holes on the side, does a pilot need to be open top to bottom as well or is it closed off? This bike only has about 25 hrs on it so I'd hate to think that the bottom is going but if I can't figure anything else I'll check those solder leads.
  3. Ok here is the story thus far. While checking the valves I adjusted the decomp to .014 but forgot to put the feeler on the exhaust valve. The bike started but it backfired allot when I went to ride it. Then I realized my error and adjusted the decomp again and it ran great no problems. Then a week later (today) I went to start it and it was hard to start and when I turned off the choke it dies. If I start it again it just doesn't sound right and if you use the throttle to keep it running after turning the choke off it backfires allot. I checked the valves again and they are fine. I checked the pilot and the main, the main little a little dirty but the pilot was fine. I cleaned them and put them back in. I pulled the hot start out and cleaned it and put it back, and looked for any other items loose or cut including the intake boots and everything appears fine. So my question is did I hurt my valves or is my carb clogged and I need to take it all the way apart? Or is there something else I'm not thinking of. Is there an easy way to get the carb off? It looks like a pain. Thanks!
  4. ryry444

    Rebuild needed yet or not?

    Thanks for the great write up! When I read magazines like Motocross action and they state I'm riding a ticking time bomb vs a two stroke I can't help but get nervous. However I know they are talking to the racers. My dad (58) bought a 250F because he has no interest in the 450 power. I can take his bike and ride the same lap times as my 450 but I feel like I'm actually riding that motor for most of what its worth to get my 200lbs over the longer table tops, where I always have plenty power left over on my 450. I think I'll take it another year as I've only shimmed my valves once or twice and have a long way to go before they are zeroed out. Are there any warning signs to watch for though on a four stroke to tell you the clock is almost out or do you just get a seized motor?
  5. I have an 06 450R with about 50-60 hours on it, I'm not positive as I did not get my hour meeter until a little further into the bikes life. I was contiplating replacing the piston this winter but after looking into it further I probably should do more than that. So now my question is does the motor have more time before its needed? I ride primarily at my local MX track but I don't actively race. I tend to chug around more on the lower to mid end and the only time I hit the rev limiter is if I panick mid air and I think I'm going over the front. If I don't rebuild this winter I'll probably get another 15-25 hours on it next year. Am I gambling with my motor or does she have another year left?
  6. ryry444

    Show us your hot CRF

    http://s279.photobucket.com/albums/kk160/mhomebis/?action=view&current=IMG_1880.jpg Heres mine with a new right crankcase after the kick start plate broke. It has RG3 suspension, AMG Graphics, White brothers foot pegs, exhaust, Pro taper handle bars, and a step seat.
  7. ryry444

    2006 450R Hard to Kick

    Well it was the cam timing. I went to adjust it but the pull tie I was using broke and the chain fell off the crank shaft! That sucked but I pulled the cover and got it back on and set the timing right. Now its great and running strong. Thanks for the info.
  8. ryry444

    2006 450R Hard to Kick

    That sounds easy enough I'll double check as since I put it back on at 11 PM the other night I could have easily missed it by a tooth in excitement to get it done.
  9. ryry444

    2006 450R Hard to Kick

    I replaced the right crankcase and reused the old outter case.
  10. ryry444

    Help 2006 450R Transmission Failure

    Well I finally got the bike back together and running. I flushed the oil and coolant out already incase I missed some debris. Thank you to all who posted or read this post as the opinions and motivation to do this by my self saved me al$t of money. I put up two pictures of the bike and one picture of the new case versus old case look I get to strut for awhile. http://s279.photobucket.com/albums/kk160/mhomebis/?action=view&current=IMG_1880.jpg On a separate note my kist starter is harder now then it used to be at TDC and the action comes to a stop until I reset and hit it hard. If you have any ideas I started a new post. for this one... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=655028
  11. ryry444

    2006 450R Hard to Kick

    From a recent post I had to replace my right crankcase because my kick starter guide plate broke off and tore stuff up. Well I got it buttoned up all the way and its up and running and everything is great except that the kick starter nearly freezes as the motor aproaches TDC. If I let the starter back up and kick hard it pops over and starts. I thought the decompressor might have been off but I re-set it to .014 and its still harder to kick over than before I opened it up. My two questions would be where should I be looking to smooth the kick action and two is anything being exposed to damage? The last thing I want to do is open the case again!
  12. ryry444

    Help 2006 450R Transmission Failure

    I got into a conversation about this with a guy and we got into an odd conversation. All my life my dad taught me to always use the clutch. Well this guy I was talking to said these transmissions do not need the clutch to be used. He said you can just shift on the go and only use the clutch for corners and starts and you do not have to worry about transmission damage. So have I been babying my broken bike? =)
  13. ryry444

    Help 2006 450R Transmission Failure

    Well amongst all the opinons of going for it I did and split the case open today. Upon inspecting the transmission I found nothing was broken inside just alot of shavings and the kick start stopper plate floating around in there...I don't know how it didn't take more out sitting in there. Anyway I swapped the bearings around in the new right case I ordered using a 2x4 and some sockets and just realized, how do I possibly get the two cylinder head studs from the old crankcase to the new one? Is it going to just be easier to order two new ones?
  14. ryry444

    Help 2006 450R Transmission Failure

    So after speaking with Honda, well not really since they wont let you talk to a tech and only get to talk to people who know nothing they said they will not take care of it. Considering what happened I still have a hard time with this as it should never have happened. Now I have an entirely new dilemma. From what I can see in my service manual I would need to buy the following tools. Flywheel puller, special socket for the water pump, and a bearing press. The dealer said he thinks he can get the labor done in 2-3 hours. How much would all of those tools cost versus just paying to have the short block I took him put back together? I'm open to any other thoughts as well.
  15. ryry444

    Help 2006 450R Transmission Failure

    It sounds like it uses this plate at rest? My dealer told me I could have kicked the bike to hard....which to me is BS. Plus my kick starter hits my foot peg if I kick it too hard anyway. I don't abuse my stuff but I'm not exactly sure how you get a 450 to turn over if you baby the kick starter?