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    Practice at Straddleline ORV Park Oct. 8/9

    The MX races this weekend are promoted by Seattle Motorcycle Club. We will be doing sound testing as requested by the Park. For this event, we are not required to test all bikes, only to spot test. We will be testing per the proper procedure - we will have the bike manufacturer's specifications for RPMs at of beginning of redline, we will use a Vibratach to measure engine RPMs, along with a sound meter at the proper position to measure the db. Our race is AMA sanctioned, cards may be purchased at the track for $39 (good for one year, not just until the end of the year). The park is charging $15 for camping, which I understand is higher than we pay elsewhere, but they do intend to use that money to improve the facility. Gate fee is $10 per person, under age 10 is free if they are not racing. Race entry is $25 amateur $35 pro. 200% pro pay back, plus an additional $500 per day for the 125 and 250 pro class if there are at least 10 participants. All 50cc riders will receive a trophy, 33% amateur will receive trophy. We hope to have a great event to show Grays Harbor County they made a good decision in opening the park for us. Hope this answers your questions, if not, please feel free to contact me. Thank you & hope to see you this weekend, rain or shine Karen Hills/Seattle Motorcycle Club 425-783-0018 karenhills@comcast.net