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  1. Dave in Tejas

    Sell cheap or part out?

    Funny, the things each of you have wanted, plastic (gone) passenger pegs (one broken) levers (one broken). But when I part it out, you'll see it here, not ebay, and I'm not greedy, but don't tell my wife.
  2. Dave in Tejas

    Sell cheap or part out?

    The problem is basically electrical parts. When it was stolen, the thief broke out the key bloc and controls and hot wired it. When he ran out of gas, he screwdrivered the tank cap off. The thief got less than 1k miles when it was abandoned in his garage, probably got run off for the rent. There it sat till the police found it. So the parts to replace are the key block, control panel, plastic panels, battery, speedometer, gas tank, brake lever, and misc wiring ends. I just don't have the time for a project now, and hate to see it sit.
  3. Dave in Tejas

    Sell cheap or part out?

    You may remember my bike, '98 dr650, 8,100 mi. that was stolen and recovered 2 yrs later. I got another street bike, so although I liked the DR better, time, money, and hurricane recovery have me wanting to sell to make back some $ on the loss. It's not running as is, and some parts are boogered, tank, control panel, plastics, speedo, wire ends @ switch, etc, but overall rebuildable. I roughly figure $1k of misc parts to get it correct. I have an offer for $700, and I want $900 and neither of us are budging. Has anyone ever parted out a DR, and what could I expect to get, and how much trouble is it dealing with several buyers? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Dave in Tejas

    Got my stolen DR back, now what?

    My wife was pretty chapped that we didn't have theft. I got another street bike, and I don't have theft on it either, but I do have a chain as thick as my thumb! Thanks, Icelander, all I need is the electrical diagram. Don't go to too much trouble, I'll probably buy the full download.
  5. Dave in Tejas

    Got my stolen DR back, now what?

    Thanks, at least it was in a garage, out of the weather. Apparently they did all the damage pretty quickly, then (maybe) got run off and it's just sat in the gargage all this time. Does everyone have all this insurance? I didn't have any, only the required liability that the state requires. I won't need a harness, just a diagram to figure out what the loose wires are and where they go. I found a guy who sells a PDF of the shop manual for $7.95. Anyone know if it's any good? Dave.
  6. Dave in Tejas

    Got my stolen DR back, now what?

    About 2 years ago, and yesterday a cop called and said he found my bike, come and get it! 5 blocks from my house, in a dry garage. It's mildly trashed, ignition switch busted, tank neck boogered, plastic gone, but I'm going to go through it and fix it up. I need a wiring diagram for sure, anyone have a diagram they can point me to? 1999 DR 650. Thanks.
  7. Dave in Tejas

    Somebody stole my dr

    Sorry, I can't help you on anti-theft strategy, If I had of tied a piece of kite string to the bike and the other end to a brick, it would have been better than what I'd done, which was nothing. I live in a world where people don't steal other people's stuff, I had it covered with a tarp in my back yard, I've never had the newspaper stolen out of the front yard in 30 years. I was foolish. There you go, I can help, don't be foolish, any anti-theft is better than nothing. Dave
  8. Dave in Tejas

    Somebody stole my dr

    If you see a nice looking '99 DR650, blue with a yellow gel seat, maybe a missing key, for cheap, Houston area, southeast Texas, it could be hot, and it could be mine. Thanks.
  9. Dave in Tejas

    Chain noise normal?

    Mine rattled a lot (i weigh 225) especially with my son on back. I found that removing the rollers, disassemble and clean, then using bearing grease on them quiets them up pretty good. But I'm only riding street.
  10. Dave in Tejas

    Draining my tank

    Yeah, that's kind of what I do, so I guess the center section of the tank keeps the fuel seperated. The petcock lever has a little arrow cast into it, so I think I'm using it correctly.
  11. Dave in Tejas

    Draining my tank

    'Morning folks. If my tank is 3.4 gals. and I'm getting 45mpg consistantly, how come I'm dead on the road with 100 mi on the odometer? Petcock kept on Res. Is there a way to get all the gas out?
  12. Dave in Tejas

    Get Drilled (Stock exhaust Mods)

    I rode the other day without my helmet, I've decided it sounds like a dixie chopper (lawn mower) which in Texas, ain't that bad...
  13. Dave in Tejas

    Can you upgrade the exhaust without a re-jet?

    My experience is that the "strangled" exhaust is the reason the 650 will get 60mpg. If you open the exhaust, without any other mods, you may go lean (or not) but you will lose the milage.
  14. Dave in Tejas

    DR 650 vs KLR 650

    My inseam is 30" and I haven't lowered my DR. I thought I would want to, but it only took a few times to figure out mounting and dismounting, and now I like it better. When I am on the bike I can put down both feet easy. I think the DR is the perfect commuter. Dave
  15. Dave in Tejas

    DR650 fuel consumption

    Looking back on it, I'll bet a bunch of DR riders wish they hadn't started modding their rides, and losing all that good MPG. Suzuki has it right for street only riding. Maybe it is strangled, but for commuting 60 mpg is great. It is really hard to keep from messing with stuff. Like the old guy said "If it ain't broke, fix it till it is" Dave in Tejas