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  1. lkneric

    What's your forum username mean?

    LKN = Lake Norman (North Carolina) Eric = my given name Pretty simple!! I spend a lot of time on the lake with my boat and my kids.
  2. lkneric

    Lopsided tire...

    I'd recommend using dish soap or windex as opposed to WD40 to seat a tire bead. When the soap dries, the bead will stick to the rim better and may save you from shearing some valve stems.
  3. lkneric

    gorilla 2-way paging system alarm? good/ bad?

    I have the gorilla alarm mounted in my airbox. It works great. I also have a battery tender, which is definately recommended with or without an alarm, but particularly with. My mounting is here. Very snug with some velcro. Also uses the air-filter retaining wire to hold it secure... http://picasaweb.google.com/curtispondvolunteer/Misc#5232634627645956482
  4. lkneric

    jumping out of 5th into 4th

    One more thing to look at... the shifter has a fairly tight clearance on the left case. If you've bumped the shifter or laid the bike down, it could be bent just enough to where it is making contact with the case, especially given there is a couple millimeter or two of travel in shift shaft itself. Check the clearance there. Might just be that simple.
  5. I'm probably the most obsessive wrencher in the history of the DRZ, but the MCCT was the very first thing I did, and it was truly a 15 minute job. Remove ACCT, Install MCCT, finger tighten the plunger until there is a change in resistance, turn in an additional 1/2 turn to be safe. Start bike, slowly back out MCCT until sound changes (rattle increases). The valve train noise will never go away, but it will certainly change. Upon hearing the change, turn plunger back in until sound goes away. I went in an additional 1/8 turn to satisfy my obsessiveness. Lock it down. That's it. I did this pre 200 miles on a brand new bike. Never checked it again until about 4500 miles. That was the last time I touched it. I now have 7,500 miles and couldn't be happier. Don't over think. Most importantly, make sure it is finger snug (not TIGHT) before you start the bike. Listen for a change in sound as you back it out. Then, take up the slack until the sound gets better and lock it down. Eric
  6. lkneric

    Buying new DRZ400s in Jax, Florida?

    Hey, that's what he owes! He want's the next owner to: 1) Incur full 100% cost of depreciation on a used bike 2) Pay the absurd setup, freight charges, shop fees, etc. that he had to pay 3) Pay the absurd interest rate that he's probably paying And his price is "firm". Good luck! Eric
  7. lkneric

    Buying new DRZ400s in Jax, Florida?

    I was checking Charlotte Craigslist, looking for a cheap ATV to compliment my DRZ. I just saw an ad by a dude trying to sell his used, Black SM, pretty much stock except hand-guards, with a jacket and helmet, for **Get this** $ 9,160.00. Ouch!! The reason for the high price tag? "That's what I owe..." !!!!! Dealer must've REALLY taken him for a ride.
  8. lkneric

    Anything else for rear sprocket swap?

    The stock chain does not have a master link, so you should buy a chain cutter and whatever necessary linkage you need before you start working on it.
  9. lkneric

    MCCT Final adjust is tricky. Input please.

    Sounds about right. The sound won't ever completely go away. It will have from a knocking rattle when loosened, and that will go away when properly adjusted. Only turn it enough for that change of sound to go away, lock 'er down and you're done. If you kept turning it in after the sound went away, it could be too snug.
  10. lkneric

    Where to start...?

    Why not start with a more powerful bike, like the Husky or KTM?
  11. lkneric

    Rattling/ grinding noise at low speeds?

    Sounds like piston slap.
  12. lkneric

    Carolina Riders Connection

    I'm 5 minutes from I77 on the East side of Mooresville, Exits 30, 33 and 36 are all within minutes of me.
  13. lkneric

    Carolina Riders Connection

    If anyone from the Charlotte or LK Norman area is heading up to Brown or Brushy on Saturday (Nov 15) via truck/trailer, let me know if you have room for one and I'll split the gas with you. I'm in Mooresville and I'm thinking about riding the DRZ up there, but would be nice to hitch a ride with someone who's got room on their trailer and is heading up that way. Reply or PM me if you've got room. Eric Mooresville, NC
  14. lkneric

    Want to ride, but no gas - GA

    I agree with gleaves. "Price gouging" is fiction. It doesn't matter if the product is luxury or necessity. If there was a potato famine and prices were forced to remain at a normal level, then there would be a shortage. Same with gas. And gas is only a necessity if you choose it to be. Nothing in the Bill of Rights says we have a right to have gas. I live in Charlotte and we don't have much gas either right now. Pre-Ike, wholesale and retail prices spiked, then pressure was applied by the public and the media to the station owners even though everyone knew there would be supply disruptions. Prices were "forced" back down, and guess what.... shortage! Market pricing works to balance supply and demand. Anytime you tamper with that, bad things happen. If Eddie could only build one DRZ engine per year, how much more do you think it would be worth!!!! $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$
  15. lkneric

    My fix for the battery drain issues...

    Next will be the Wind Turbine mod. Then the Hampster Wheel Mod. Someone will surely try rigging up one of those wind-up flashlight generators for a "crank, charge & go" solution!! A daily ride is the best solution! An $18.00 Battery Tender is the second best.