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    In response to my own post - I received the Talon Engineering 9-tooth sprocket a few days ago fro Dallan Motorsports in BC. It's TINY - probably not good for chain longevity - and does not have the pre-drilled and tapped holes that the stock 13-tooth sprocket has (no space for the holes), so if you go this route you will need to devise a way to attach the beast to the shaft. A little ingenuity should do it. In fairness, the people at Dallan Motorsports are a great bunch to deal with - very pleasant and helpful. Cheers
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    Hi Working on an '87 Reflex I just bought as a winter project (but it will most likely be done before winter so I'll need to find another one...). Question is about the spacer mcman56 mentioned as necessary when using the Dallan 9-tooth sprocket. Size? shape? I haven't got it yet (in transit) so perhaps it will be obvious when I go to put the thing on, but if not some guidance would be appreciated. Thanks