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  1. jonpcovington

    2002 Duke II

    I bought a used FCR41 and in my case it didn't work out very well. The seller claimed that it was off another Duke II, but the jetting was nowhere close, and everything was worn or corroded. By the time I got it going, it cost me more than a new one would have.
  2. jonpcovington

    Which Spark Plug

    Just got word from Denso USA that the iridium IXG24 will come to the US within the next six months.
  3. jonpcovington

    Keys for KTM LC4 ignition.

    The universal key blank number is ZD23RCP-FI. Any locksmith can get this blank.
  4. jonpcovington

    Oil leakage

    AND, if you anneal them each time you remove them, they'll last indefinately.
  5. jonpcovington

    synthetic nessesary?

    Shell Rotella synthetic (diesel oil). Good for motorcycles,too. And relatively cheap.
  6. jonpcovington

    duke 2 as only bike?

    Raise the front forks slightly by sliding them down a little in the triple clamps to get better stability. My '01 Duke II is not my only bike, but it seems to be the only one I want to ride all the time. But I will be sending my seat to Renazco for an overhaul to make it bearable for longer periods of time.
  7. The stealth sprocket is KTM part no.58410051038/04.
  8. I'm in the process of changing my rear sprocket on my 01 Duke with low mileage. I got the aluminum one, but apparently there is a steel Stealth sprocket available from KTM.On ADVrider, there is a post on signing in for Duke riders, and one of the respondants posted a picture of it along with the KTM part no. I'll be looking back to get this number, as the Duke apparently gives a short lifespan to the aluminum sprockets. The picture showed a steel rear sprocket with an orange anodized aluminum sprocket carrier. I just wonder if they have it in green.
  9. jonpcovington

    Just saying hello

    KTMDuke on yahoo is a very good site- join us!
  10. jonpcovington

    duke ll

    You need to rejet your stock carb (go to Team Incomplete's site) or get a Keihin FCR41. Also get yourself over to the KTM Duke site on yahoo and Monomaniacs site (KTM Talk has lotsa good stuff, too.
  11. jonpcovington

    OLN Schedule

    'm on Dish network and they just stopped listing OLN over money. I was there at Reno, but I guess I don't get to see it on TV.