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  1. drftsub

    Yosh RS3 questions??

    motofrugals.com has the yosh ti for 635 shipped to your door. so if you did the 110% you would be looking pretty good for the Ti
  2. drftsub

    high speed wiggle?

    call me ignorant for asking the obvious, but how fast are you going, and how is it moving? on mine in traffic above 80 it will dance a little from air turbulance.
  3. Thanks tons, you do this community lots o good. all for free to. much appreciated! ( now to go tap my subframe with a larger thread arg@! ) have a good one.
  4. Wait, the hole behind it ? toward the rear, dammit, I did it to the front hole. That would be why. thanks, OH any advice on that jetting? (incase you didnt see ) FCR, 25ft above sea level,full ti .Thats it for now. thanks again.
  5. drftsub

    Problem with BLACK Plastics! Any Ideas??

    will that take the scuffs out? I have been trying to figure that out on my sm for a bit now.
  6. drftsub

    quick wheelie (clutch) question

    Yes, the throttle is way touchy at the balance point, but not so bad once you get used to it I think. When I first got the bike ( switching from a 929rr ) It was quite a bit of getting used to, but now I dont think its that big of a deal. on the subframe being able to support you, I would think it would, it supports your wieght while sitting just fine.
  7. where did you mount the pipe to? ( on the passenger peg ) on the subframe or to the factory exhaust mount on the passenger peg bracket? I mounted it to the subframe ( drilled out the threads on the subframe, and bolted through ) I saw that eddie had done that. I will have to get some of that sticky heat shield then, simple enough.
  8. and I am thrilled! BUT I have a question... My numberplate just BARLEY touches it, think this will turn into an issue later down the line? others with the Ti have the same issue? My plates are acerbis ones as I went from yellow to black so that may be part of it. And OH MAN is it close to the spring but no rubbing that I can tell.. on a side note, ( just in case eddie reads this ) for a FCR, unplugged Ti, 3x3, @ 25ft abouve sea level jetting recommendations? also, same setup add E base gasket and cams .. thanks for the help guys!
  9. drftsub

    How many amps can I draw?

    out of curiosity, are there ways to upgrade the electrical system for the added load? ( I doubt it , but curious )
  10. drftsub

    quick wheelie (clutch) question

    I find that the drz has so much engine braking that even if someone should panic and just chop the throttle it will bring it down on its rubber. I have had many a wheelie past 12 and brought it back with the throttle , but I agree, cover your brake, dont forget though if you stomp that rear brake it comes down in a hurry.
  11. drftsub

    quick wheelie (clutch) question

    you shouldnt need that much throttle. like KVO said its a very quick procces, to get a feel try ( while riding ) at steady throttle just pull the clutch lever in just enough to hear the engine start to free rev and let it go again. the bike should lurch forward. that is all you should be doing but adding throttle at the same time to get the front wheel up. When I bring it up in second gear I usually only use one finger on the clutch , and its a very quick slip to get it to come up. It may be that you are starting at too high a speed as well. second gear comes up easy between 25-30, lower 30's need a good tug, and you better be standing or cresting a good hill to get 3rd up if you are stock. Also think about where you are sitting on the bike, I am short so I had an issue sitting too close when I first was getting used to the DRZ from my sportbike, make sure you arent sitting on top of the tank as it will take alot more effort to get it to come up. hope that helps.
  12. drftsub

    installing a fcr old style from a wr400

    really, interesting. ok well cool, now I just need to order all this stuff up, wonder if I can get it all here or if I need to go other places. have any suggestions? thanks again for the help.
  13. drftsub

    installing a fcr old style from a wr400

    Oh, would going with the 'E' boot be better at all ( IE is the internal diameter any larger etc ) thx
  14. drftsub

    installing a fcr old style from a wr400

    awesome, thanks guys, I cant wait to get a little more go power out of this bike
  15. Hey guys, i have a fcr from a wr laying around I want to put in, wondering if anyone has the list of stuff I need to adapt, or if it is the same as the newer fcr minus the carb. appreciate the help.