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  1. Just let anyone know that if anyone has any questions about powder coating or anything i would be glad to answer them. I ask quite i few ? and stuff and thought i would offer up my knowledge. Im not trying to promote my buisness or anything, Just offering up my knowledge of what i know best. Powder coating. thanks. if anyone has any question feel free you post, pm, or email me carney725@yahoo.com also if anyone is interested in having anything done...tt members will get special pricing. but i here to answer questions more than anything.
  2. bradcarney

    White Plastic?????????

    Trying to find a white plastic kit for an 05 250f. anyone know where you can get them? i know they use to make them and ufo lists them on there website still. But it does it give a way to contact them and parts unlimited only carries a white front fender but i need a rear fender and radiator shrouds. thanks in advance for any help.
  3. bradcarney

    powder coating a frame...color ideas???

    rockstars frame are bare steel...you can see all the welds...they may have a sealer or something over there them but you can see all the welds on the frame....
  4. bradcarney

    PC linkage arm

    i have it on my 05 and it makes a very noticable difference i would suggest it for sure
  5. bradcarney

    05 kawi suspension

    i have an 05 kx250f that was ridden for a full year by an a rider...and i had no problems with except a cracked piston...i did go ahead and put valves in it while i was in there...other than that i have had no problems...just normal wear and tear. and i have race tech valves and the pro circuit linkage and they are by far the best thing i have done to my bike handling wise...not looks wise the black rims and hubs (powdercoated) with the gold spokes (also powdercoated) make me go fast i think..and the des nations graphics add at least 5 hps...anyone? anyone?
  6. bradcarney

    Nats Bike

    awesome bike man...im getting my frame powder coated soon also i got my wheels and hubs powder coated black and my spokes gold...looks killer ive only seen like two other bikes with gold spokes and they have all been pro bikes.
  7. bradcarney

    sitting or standing?

    yea i think its better to be shorter...but i do have long ass legs and i can absorb alot of stuff...like to dont even have to scrub jumps cuz my legs soak alot of it up and i usually stay pretty low...
  8. bradcarney

    sitting or standing?

    i stand most of the time now...when i bought my bike i sat alot...now i have one full year of racing under me and i feel more comfortable standing...but also i still feel awkard on my bike because i and 6'6...i do have a tall seat and lower foot pegs...anyone else have any suggestions
  9. style man style...na i dont know i catch myself doing it sometimes and when i think about it in the air it kinda scares the shit out of me...but yea this post is no help to anyone
  10. bradcarney

    RaceTech Gold Valves is Kayaba suspension

    i have gold valves in my 05 kx 250f and i really like them...its a night and day difference between stock and it does everything much better...big,small,fast,slow...everything
  11. your guys are ****in stupid if you think Mladin is sandbagging...dude when he was testing if Phillip Island this winter when some of the world superbike teams were there...he was as fast or faster than them on an AMA Superbike. AMA Superbikes are alot more stock than the WSB bikes. AND as for Langston, if the only job avaliable for me was to ride for The Most Successful 125 Team ever well then....I would take it and ride my ass off (like langston is) and then still Ride for Pro Circuit on there 250 team that is rumored to be up and going next year.
  12. bradcarney

    what time is the daytona sx?

    I believe i saw that it comes on at 9:30est Friday night. dont quote me on that but i do know if comes on friday night about a hour or so after its over like last year. Also i forgot where i saw it but i think its like 125 and 250 both being shown!