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  1. fonseca

    Hollister National HS 2006

    I live close to HH so I race it when it's not a mudfest. Raced Vet B and saw a few local A guys but no biggie. I'm there this year looks like.
  2. fonseca

    How Much Rain Fell at Hollister

    I'm going Friday heck I live a half an hour from the place. The west side granite trails are great even in the rain. The east side adobe sucks whenit's wet but is usually closed anyway when heavy raimns come. Rain there today and then it's clearing for the weekend.
  3. fonseca

    Check it out guys!

    Nice! Enjoy your new bike!
  4. fonseca

    Which way do you whip it?

    Flatter to the right but lefts still look good too.
  5. fonseca

    How many grew up riding??

    Started racing BMX at7 then on to motocross and then desert hare and hounds.
  6. fonseca

    Good State Park MX tracks??

    Bro your such a whiner.....................guess who?
  7. fonseca

    Norcal TT MX day at Sandhill??

    I would as long as it's a Friday..................
  8. fonseca

    Post pics of your STREETbikes.

    My K1200GT BMW turn 5 Laguna Seca........
  9. fonseca

    sandhill sucks!!

    Last time at Sand Hill I called there before I left Santa Cruz they said the track is open for practice come on out. I get there and there's a tractor on the track. I go to the office and the guy says I can ride but watch out for the tractor. Wait it gets worst. As it turned out they were prepping the track for a "vintage" race for Saturday. Dragged all the jumps flat and unearthed a truck of boulders so big I just had to laugh. It was like a freeway (with boulders) I made the best of it and rode the track around tractor guy and rode through most of the tractor guys lunch break and went home. Club Moto was closed so a stop there would have been useless. I'll try em again. I have been there when the track was in awesome condition. However it's been many years since that day I went tractor dodging.
  10. Looks real nice. Some of you guys a pretty lucky! Sometimes I hate Central Cal. You have to drive pretty far for a decent track these days.........
  11. fonseca

    Do You Holler When You're Racing?

    No I keep my mouth shut, breath, concentrate and look AHEAD of the guys or guy in front of me. If I holeshot I never look back.
  12. fonseca

    broken neck

    Get well and get back in there! Hope you have a quick recovery...............