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  1. Eric... have any wheels I can borrow?!!!
  2. Ericz... Newbie here too... I did an open last fall at beaver on my 250F shod with avons front and back STOCK SIZE. Sticky once warm! http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=27811 Had a blast as I am sure you did. The traction was great until I really felt comfortable pushing it, then the sliding began. Mainly a front push on the downhill right coming back. As I played with the suspension and tire pressures things got better again. There are so many factors as with everything else, I think it will take time and patience to get to YOUR best setup! This year I have a 450F and will be trying Shinko's because of the price. I hear both good and bad, but at my level my kid will probably spank me on his KLX110. Dunlops have crossed my mind but they're actually more expensive! I may go up to beaver next month with the skinnies until I get my wheels. That should be a treat!! It's all going to come down to your wallet and comfort on the bike.
  3. EricZ... The front I used on my bike is the AM20 and the rear is a "gripster." Call me at work on Monday and I can get you more info, I work at World of Cycles (412-269-9999) ask for Steve. I'll get you the best deal I can. As for the gear, borrow some leather pants or find some knee braces to wear under your mx pants. I think leather is the best way to go though. As for the bike: For open practice they did not tech the bikes at all, but it was a Thursday with minimal people. I have all my oil drains & lines safety wired, catch cans for water, fuel and breather off of your cam cover. Check out Nasmoto for more info. I was a noob on that Thursday. All the guys I met in this sport are top notch, friendly and fast. Just keep your line, if they are going to pass, they'll get by. If you've done a track day at nelsons all I can say is you should be just fine. I can say the kart track is like a bunch of number 13 turns at nelsons. No crazy speed, I was topping out in 5th on the 250 but it is geared for mx. Just remember, have fun and it will come to you, atleast it did for me.
  4. The stock size can work, well atleast with a YZ250F. I ran Avons street tires front and rear (21 & 19). As for a 400, cornering should be fine but acceleration out of the corners may be a little hairy! From my first experience up there the best thing I can do is tell you to try it. Even if you are slow like me it was still a hell of a good time. But beware, it's addictive and you will be buying wheels! Check out my pics in my garage. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewvehicle&vid=4637
  5. My first experience at Supermoto... Skinny tires and all!!! http://www.supermotojunkie.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=17430&stc=1&d=1159098361 http://www.supermotojunkie.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=17447&stc=1&d=1159098726 http://www.supermotojunkie.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=17432&stc=1&d=1159098410 http://www.supermotojunkie.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=17454&stc=1&d=1159098839 '02 YZ250F + Avons + Sliders + Safety wire = So much fun it should be illegal!
  6. If you don't have a feeler gauge (you should, check your valve clearances!) you can usr a 35mm film negative, works great. If all else fails update with '04 suspension like I did.
  7. another quick check, which i'm sure you probably would of noticed anyway, is see if the cap is making good connection with the wire (is it loose!), trim it a bit and reapply. good luck! steve
  8. just bought an '02, should be out on it soon. paid 2k for it and it has a few upgrades (see garage). from previous experience in the shop I work at, they are all good... if you take care of them. shop around and you'll find one. keep up on the maintenance and ride on!
  9. POW and it stops, LOL, sorry for the bad luck but it's funny from a mechanics point of view. Personally i'd sneak up on it, kick it and say a few choice words before doing anything. There are a bunch of good points made by the other guys here, follow their leads. Tear into it and let us all know!
  10. Like the others said, check exhaust flow first. The fuel screw shouldn't make any difference on top end, if it was sitting there idling lean then it could be boiling, richen it up! If you just cleaned the plug try throwing a new one in. As for the coils, a resistance check is usually NOT very dependable. Pull the coil and go to a good dealer that has a coil checker or use a spark gap tester on the coil and see what kind of spark you are getting. I may be wrong about this but all yamaha dealers now have a gray box that can be used to check cdi's. The problem is finding a mechanic that knows how to use it, complicated piece, look for a five star cert dealer. Let us know what you find! steve