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  1. Mike_in_Roseville

    525 exc fan / battery issue

    I have the factory fan installed to cool my radiator on my 525. The problem I have is that it runs after the motor turns off if the engine is hot and thus I am wearing out my battery prematurely. This has also happened to my buddies XCR. We were talking about a kill switch that would shut it off when we shut the bike down. I suppose that would work. Any ideas on this? Have these issues occured w/ others. MIR>
  2. Mike_in_Roseville

    Sheetiron in May?

    ah the sheet iron. Great ride, great couple of days. Have not ridden this in a few years and was all set to go again except I will be out of town that weekend. Last time I rode this I ruptured my ACL on day two. something about a gravel road, high speed and a 90 degree blind right hand turn at the top of a hill that caused this. The rest is history. What a great weekend and be careful. MIR
  3. Mike_in_Roseville

    black some/ blue smoke what does it mean

    interesting. I will keep an eye on the oil, however it has never burned much. The other thing it is doing is flaming out quite a bit. Seems to want a higher rev (mid range) to keep it going. Air filter is fine, might be the jetting. Seems to idle fine when warming up, but once he has ridden a bit, it will flame out. He hates kicking that bike over. MIR
  4. Mike_in_Roseville

    black some/ blue smoke what does it mean

    My son has a drz125 with the bbr big bore kit. He was riding without me this weekend and stated there was smoke coming from the exhaust. It was either black some or blue smoke. He could not remember. I have yet to start it again since he return. What do these color smokes indicate, or possibly indicate. thx MIR
  5. Mike_in_Roseville

    Lake Tahoe Fire

    Did any of you listen to the press conferance, Arnold held with the gov of Nevada. It was by far the biggest joke of a news conferance I have ever heard. Here they are all thanking each other for the job well done, and yet over their shoulder the fire is still burning. Amazing. When one of the homeowners asked the question "Are you going to ask for a congressional hearing on the enviro rules for clearing etc, Arnold had no clue. He quickly diverted to another on the panel of so called experts. To hear Garamendi state that the majority of money allocation will go to the public sector than to the homeowners blew me away. The TRPA spokesman who got booed to know end stated, that "TRPA will evaluate the matter and procedure if changes need to be made." What was that? That means, TRPA will do nothing. Bottom line, it was the worst press conferance I have ever heard and made every one of our elected officials look more foolish than they ever have. Could not believe what I heard. I also have to question as to why the ole Bush administration has not jumped on any of this. Remember Katrina? Doesn't get the same clout if it is a fire. New Orleans knew that storm was coming and the people did not leave or prepare properly. This fire hit without warning and no response from the feds. Unbelievable. And here I am republican. Tells you how messed up all of our parties are. Rules have to change to get our forests cleared up of these overgrown areas and dead trees. Enviro laws have to change and quickly or this will continue to happen. By the way on a lighter side. I heard a great one the other day that we should consider doing. Getting a shirt that states: Sierra Club Member. Off Road Riding Division. hahahaha. MIR
  6. Mike_in_Roseville

    knee question arthritic pain?

    In 2000 I had almost all my cartlidge removed from my right knee. In 2004 I had ACL reconstruction on the same knee. Complete rupture repaired with a hamstring graft. My knee is very solid after these surgeries. I play golf and soccer as well as ride and when I pivot the knee feels solid and does not give. I had a big collision last week playing soccer and the knee held fine. It was really the first big test of impact since my 04 surgery. At any rate, the knee is and has been for the last year been very achy. Arthritic I suppose. I take aleve at times and ice the knee, but the pain is pretty severe at times. Most of the time this comes after I play golf as the right knee shifts from side to side quite a bit at impact. So, what else can I do to help eliminate the pain? Is there something else going on inside the knee that might be a concern, or at 42 yrs old, just something I have to deal with due to my previous surgeries. MIR
  7. Mike_in_Roseville

    Baja 2007

    MS is still the man and his son can ride really, really fast. Takes after his pop. The 525 ran perfect. Had 3 flats, lost the rear fender light assembly, but the bike was solid throughout. That bike with 14/48 on the sprockets will do 100mph on the beach. Incredible. It sure does not look new any longer. MIR
  8. Mike_in_Roseville

    Baja 2007

    Time and Money. Pretty much built that orphanage from what I undersand. Especially true on any given sunday. MIR
  9. Mike_in_Roseville

    Baja 2007

    See the link below of my recent trip to Baja. I rode over 1300 miles criss crossing from coast line to coast line. Ensenada to Cabo. It was a wonderful, sometime brutal trip with amazing landscape and beauty. You will see pictures of bikes, landscape, missions, orphanages and riders. We rode with probably the most famous rider in baja history. Can you figure out who it is? Incredible. Enjoy http://picasaweb.google.com/mikeinroseville/Baja2007 MIR
  10. Mike_in_Roseville

    Looking to buy a 2007 525 exc

    Tim Any reason why you would not go with MPC? I used to feel the same way, however when I purchased my 2007 525exc from them, I dealt with Matt, who is a great guy. The price out the door was the same as everywhere else (within $100) , they completely prepped my bike with all the aftermarket items I purchased from them (for free) and gave me a good discount on all those aftermarket items I bought that day. My attitude changed after dealing with Matt and the rest of the staff has been great on subsequent visits. I gave them a chance and am glad I did. MIR
  11. This tire is on my 07 525exc. Came with the bike. I don't have a lot of miles left on the tires and thus the wear and tear has been minimal thus far. I have attempted to find reviews on this tire, but have had a hard time finding that info. Not sure why. At any rate, what type of terrain are these best suited for and how do you think they would wear down in Baja? Do they wear out quickly? Durability, tough etc. Please let me know. MIR
  12. Mike_in_Roseville

    Thank you quads. 1 reason Why FH is closed for winter

    A couple of final notes. 1. My title of this post was "ONE reason why FH is closing during the winters" I did not write that it was the #1 reason. It is only one of many. I have to admit my opinion on quad riders is not a pleasant one. An unfortunate accident between an out of control quad rider and my son put this perspective into my brain. And more so it was his unforgiving attitude after the head on that made me feel this way. I know there are many quad riders who are responsible, however what I see is more non responsible rebel type riding than I see with the dirt bike riders. Why is that? Youth? No fear due to 4 wheels? Maybe. Willingness to work together to cure some of these issues. Very minimal. I hope my mind can be swayed another way, but until I actually see the care, I am unconvinced. Not trying to knock those who are planning on helping and I hope you do. Hopefully posts like these will stir the discussion that is needed and allow all of us to wake up and help preserve the right to ride. MIR ps. Anyone know the location yet of the FH meeting next week. I have been unable to get a response from the people at FH. I believe the meeting is the 15th?
  13. Mike_in_Roseville

    Who was your childhood dirt bike hero?

    Bob Hannah Danny Magoo Chandler (when he was with Maico) MIR
  14. Mike_in_Roseville

    Thank you quads. 1 reason Why FH is closed for winter

    A couple of notes. One, I don't see cattle doing the damage. Those ruts are huge and while MC's used over and over on the same line can increase the size of the rut a quad with it's weight and tire size will cause more damage than a MC. As far as BB mentioning that the bikes on his ranches mx track cause more damage, I can only guess that the majority of riding completed on this mx track is from a bike and not a quad. I also assume that a quad used on the ranch is not going balls to the wall as quad riders do in an OHV area. Don't want to be overly combative here but the reality is, these quads are ruining some great trails and not giving damm about it. MIR
  15. Probably already posted but thought I would send the link again just in case. Look at the pictures. Those ruts are not MC based. Quad based. Ruining our sport. http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/tahoe/recreation/arrd/ohv.shtml MIR