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  1. Try the fox pants no problems in two years i have the 360 pants, even with the knees and i got msi braces on under them. u might spend a little more but it seems fox gear is no just a fashion name. I also have the answer gear and find it to be tight in the crotch while sitting.
  2. Hay Mike i know the feeling of tired it stinks. The one thing you need to do is work on cardio running swimming and so on something to build up your wind. But don't forget the weights like you are doing. Another option is to talk to one of the trainers at the gym you joined they are usually good for a boat load of knowledge. just watch out for the muscle heads that just push weights only.Hope this helps and good luck.
  3. Another thing you can try is getting rid of the stock air filter and trying something like the white bros. that has a rubber gasket where the filter meats the air box. this is the setup i run in my '05 but i still grease it. hope this helps.
  4. thanx i found a complete set of all blue plastics for a yz which i will be getting thanx again
  5. undefined Just a quick question i have a 05 wr250f and want to swap the rear fender and side plastics for yz stuff will this work?