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  1. It's near Binghamton, actually it is between Endicott and West Corners.
  2. I can't believe it... I'm riding Killer Hill:ride: , get to the top and what did I find out in the middle of the trail? A Broome County Sheriff:busted: ! Thats right, out in the middle of the woods!!! Anyway, he was a nice guy and rides himself but told us there is a new property owner that owns a lot of the land and is calling complaining. I've been riding there for 30+ years and we've lost quite a bit of riding land due to home building over that time but to not go there at all really sucks! Anyway, I thought I'd pass along a warning to my fellow Thumpertalk Killer Hill riders. Right now they are passing out warnings but of course he wrote down all of our information so I assume next time he won't be so nice! I don't intend to go back but I hate to loose a spot to ride, there are so few to begin with!
  3. I just replaced my front sprocket due to a similar noise. The wear caused it to slip and it wore it down to just nubs! Like suggested above, take the front chain guard off and look!
  4. My brother-in-law just took his off and put some knobbies on. He just bought a 2007 DRZ, the tires have less than 500mi.. I'll pass along offers if you want me to.
  5. Yeah, I'm going to order a battery. Any suggestions on a good place to find one for a reasonable price?
  6. OK, here are the results... Right off charger... 13.21 volts 2 hours later... 12.84 volts another 2 hours...12.82 volts light on for 1 min. then off... 12.52 volts running @~3000 RPM 14.5 volts What do you guys think? If I leave it for a couple days I'm sure it will be drained and not start... The fact that it leveled off to around 12.8 volts and seems to work great if I use the bike daily makes me wonder if there is something electrical draining the battery? I'd hate to spend the money on a battery and find out it wasn't the problem!!! Thanks! Alan
  7. Out and charging... Thanks
  8. BTW along with the stator, flywheel and case I also purchased a Tonns skid plate!
  9. So last year I had a small dent in my DRZ400s engine case causing my stator and flywheel to chew on each other . I replaced the stator, flywheel and case all new except the stator was an ebay purchase. The bike has been sitting most of the winter with an occasional charger on the battery. Now if I let the bike sit for 2 weeks the charge may not be strong enough to start the bike. If I'm riding I can stop and start all I want which leads me to believe the charging system is working properly. I would like to be able to hop on it anytime I want without having to jump start it ! I can't help but think there may be a problem other than the battery causing the battery to drain over time. I'm hoping it is the battery but what do you guys think?
  10. I don't know? Is it normal to see clutch fibers in the crank oil? After running it for 50 miles it seems I get 25 to 50 small chips in the crankcase oil. Thanks, Alan
  11. Well I replaced my flywheel, stator and case side since a small dent in the case caused he stator to rub the flywheel in my 03 DRZ400s. I also put a Tonns skid plate on it, sometimes you learn the hard way! My charging system is now working fine and the bike runs good but I did a couple oil changes and every time I drain the crankcase oil I get a bunch of small particals of crap. They are very hard but I'm not sure if they are metal or what, they don't seem to stick to the magnetic drain plug. Anyway, I have been busy with home improvements but I don't intend to do much riding because there must be something wrong and I don't want to kill my bike! Any idea's as to what these particals are and what I should do? Thanks! Alan
  12. I'm in Johnson City NY near the Oakdale Mall, which is by Binghamton. I'll see if I can post a picture, it is obviously damaged. The stator actually ripped a thin piece of metal right off the inside of the mag. I found the strip of metal lodged behind the stator.
  13. Well I hit a rock and have a small (read tiny) dent in the magneto side cover. I believe this caused the stator to rub the mag and now all 3 parts need to be replaced!!! I purchased all 3 and I got to the point of unbolting the magneto but I don't have the special puller tool it calls for in the book. Now if you have ever priced the stator, mag and case before you know I'm already out about $600 plus to unbolt the Mag I purchased a 26mm box end offset wrench that was $35. My pockets are empty and I want to get my bike fixed!!! So the question for my fellow thumpers is: has anyone else successfully pulled the Mag off successfully using some other method than the special $80 tool? If so please let me know how you did it so I can do the same! thanks!
  14. I'm sure you can park at Wegman's or accross the street at the Mall for the day. The end of last year phreak was going to show me around also, but the weather got bad... maybe we can get him to come along. Anyone else?
  15. I'm in the Binghamton - J.C. area. I like to dual sport, lets get a group ride together! I'm thinking we could meet at like Wegman's some morning and travel around to all the off-road hot spots in the area. The next two weekends are booked so I'm thinking April 15th?