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    TE 510 vs TE 450 & 05 to 06

    hi sharpie 1, I live in Tahoe so if you are up over the winter to ride in the Carson Valley please send an email to shopping@inspiregames.com. I weigh 175 but have always felt more comfortable with bikes that can raise the front wheel easily on command. It seems from your, bigbob's response and everything else that I have read that the TE 510 might be the best bike if one does not plan to race on a tight course? I am actually watching On Any Sunday and MS on his Husky again seems to reinforce the decision. I think that the main issue should be whether or not the local dealer can plate the 05 from the dealer which they are still researching. The price sure seems right for the 05 but if I cannot get a plate from the dealer I will probably go for the 06 450 or 510. I am hoping that when I swing by tomorrow the dealer will let me take the 510 out for a demo this weekend since it is a demo bike. Thanks, Troy
  2. tparrott777

    TE 510 vs TE 450 & 05 to 06

    Thank you for the input Bigbob. I will go by the shop tomorrow and check out the 05 demo. Regards, Troy
  3. tparrott777

    TE 510 vs TE 450 & 05 to 06

    Hello Husqvarna owners, I need help deciding which bike to choose. I was set on an 06 KTM 450 EXC because the reviews were better than the 525 but I just found out that a Husky dealer is 30 miles away from me. In reading all of the posts on this forum I found many reasons to go with a Husky over the KTM and all other bikes including my 03WR450 but I am not sure which of the two to go with. It seems that the TE450 owners love their 450s and likewise for the 510 owners. It appears that the TE510 weighs less than my WR or the new Honda CRF450x and is geared for the woods with great handling so my first thought is why go with the TE450 over the 510? The local dealer has an 05 demo TE510 for $5,199 but they are expecting the 06 models in within the next two weeks and the TE450 and TE510 in dual sport versions are currently not spoken for. Can you please share some expertise on the two models and whether or not you would pay more for a plated 2006 model out the door or buy the deal demo 510 and get it plated. I live in northern NV so DMV is not as difficult as CA and my riding varies from the woods to open desert. Your help comparing the two bikes and 05 to 06 is greatly appreciated. Troy 03 WR450 98 K1200rs used to own: KLR 650 KL600 XR600