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  1. Hey Guys! I have a '03 Carson Funrunner and after 6+ years of dealing with crappy 12v batteries I'm moving to 2 6v batteries. My question is with the grounding. Before I had 2 12v batteries wired in parallel. All cables came from the drivers side of the trailer and connected to the pos. and neg. posts of the closest battery. The problem is that with the new 6v's, the ground cables are not long enough to reach all the way to the other battery. There is a ground cable that went from the frame to the battery, I can easily relocate this to reach the other battery in the 6v system. Now the negative wiring from the trailer is my issue, it is too short to reach and I would rather not cut it and simply splice in a longer cable. So... can I ground these wires to the frame rather than the battery? I would use the existing grounding point for the battery to frame ground cable. I'm not an electrician, but I'm 99% sure this would work, just not sure if it is 'best' or even 'acceptable' practice. Please any input, below is a bad sketch I did, the top sketch is my proposal, the bottom is how it was wired before I removed the 12. batteries. Thanks for any input!
  2. Thanks for all the help, I'm going to check my float levels and run it as suggested. I did keep the piece that broke off, luckily it came off in one piece. My plan was to JB weld it (or similar) back on but now I can't find where I put the damned broken piece. I'm still waiting on new jets so in the meantime I'll keep looking and try to JB Weld, if not I'll try and run it as is. Thanks for all the suggestions!
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    2003 CRF450 with a 490 kit and stainless steel valves. Braaaaaaaaaaaaapppppp!!!!!!
    2003 CRF450 with a 490 kit and stainless steel valves. Braaaaaaaaaaaaapppppp!!!!!!
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    After riding dirt bike for 10 years, I picked this up as my first street bike. It was in horrible shape when I got it. It's a lot of found, wheelie monster bike that is very quick for it's age.
    After riding dirt bike for 10 years, I picked this up as my first street bike. It was in horrible shape when I got it. It's a lot of found, wheelie monster bike that is very quick for it's age.
  5. So... Because I let gas sit in my carb, I had to pull it and clean/replace all the jets because California gas sucks and turns to varnish in no time I didn't want to pull the carb, I tried removing the pilot jet and was in a rush and actually broke a piece of the carb body off by having the screwdriver at a bad angle trying to remove the jet. Stupid mistake as I've pulled and cleaned carbs many times and was just not using the right tool and was rushed. I believe the piece that broke off is called the 'jet well' (?), it may be hard to tell, but really only a small piece broke off and I don't really think it will affect the fuel flow if I use the carb but want to make sure. I'm hoping this is not too bad and can still run the carb. Please take a look at the picture and give your opinions, I'd really hate to scrap this otherwise good carb and replacements are very expensive.
  6. Oh that's great to hear. Thank you and I'll make sure to take a picture!
  7. Hi All! So, I'm trying to get my wifes bike back into riding condition but I have a coolant leak coming from the weep hole under the water pump housing. I DO NOT have any coolant in the oil though. I know the water pump seal is bad - my question is: Is it possible to remove only the water pump house cover, then the impeller, and replace the outer water pump seal without removing the right side engine cover? I know I should inspect the shaft and bearings and all that, but I'd really like to see if I can just replace that one seal and see if it holds before doing anymore work, this bike has been lightly rode and only sparingly with low-ish hours so I don't believe there will be any other damage. Thanks for any help.
  8. Code has been claimed!
  9. I have a code, not sure who's first in line for one so whoever PM's me first gets it - pay it forward!
  10. Good to hear, I was just really surprised at how blue yours looks compared to mine and believed I rear or hear somewhere that blue pipes meant it ran hot, maybe it was on street bikes or something, I don't know. That is 1 one clean Honda you have though, looks great!
  11. I recently put a stainless FMF header on my CRF450 (stock one cracked) - mine turned a golden color like the back end of yours, no bluing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't blue pipes mean it ran TOO hot? But yeah, it does look cool!
  12. I'm also trying to make a order today. I'll pay it forward if anyone has a code I could use. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys! After riding dirt bikes for many years I finally got a street legal project, a 86' Radian with 25k miles. Anyways, when I got it, it would not idle unless the choke was on. I pulled the carb and found all the pilot jets clogged. I cleaned them all, then put them back in the bike and it ran great on all 4cyl - idle to about 3/4 throttle (I didn't rev it up too much because it is leaking oil and needs a oil change). Next day I was fixing the leaking valve cover gasket. Pretty simple job, put it all back together and fired it up. It was not idling as it should - barely even ran with the chock on and had to bumo the throttle to keep it running. Found that both outside cylinders (1 and 4) are not running (header pipes were cold). I pulled the spark plug and checked for spark on the #4 cyl and it had spark, the plug looked dry though. To me is seems like they are not getting gas, but... I did just clean the carbs and it seems to be too much of a coincidence that these 2 outside cyl both went out at the same time, Also, I know there is at least fuel getting to the bowl on the #4 carb because I loosened the drain screw and gas came out freely. I should also note they use the same coil but don't think it that since I'm getting spark. There are 2 coils, one for cyl 1 and 4, and another for cyl 2 and 3. I didn't get to check out anything else because it was like 3am yesterday but I'm going to look more into it tonight, Does anyone else have any good pointers as maybe the things I should check first? This is pretty frustrating since I just had the bike running great, then after a valve cover gasket it went to sh#t. All I had to touch to do the valve cover job was the seat,tank,plug wires,and horn. Thank you for any help.