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  1. chinweed

    Foot Fusion

    SMarquez thanks for your reply. So does your foot have pain now? Thanks
  2. chinweed

    Foot Fusion

    Hey Dr. Mark, I have spoke to you in the past. I broke my foot last year. Nivicular, Taylis, Cuboid (Sp?) and I guess the joint never healed. So I have a great deal of pain now and cant walk so good and the foot swells up like no other. I have seen 3 ortho's for there opinions and all have stated that a fusion is only real option. I have surgery scheduled for end of November. I would really like to be semi or pain free since im 32 years old. Thanks for any advice.
  3. chinweed

    Foot Fusion

    I have to get my foot fused at the Navicular and Taylis joint. I am wondering if anyone out there has had it done before and there opinion on it. Im also wondering how recovery was and how there foot is now. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. chinweed


    No problem loggin on motoutah for me...
  5. chinweed

    Foot needs help..Dr. Mark

    Hey Dr. Mark, I had surgery in October of 2007 on my foot. The Taylis, Nivicular and think the cuboid were broke. I guess a joint on the top of my foot never healed and the bones are rubbing and that is what has been causing me the pain. Now they say just live with it but it hurts like hell to walk and ride etc..or they can fuse it together. Any other options off hand? When a foot is fused how is normal activities usually and also riding? Thanks for your help.
  6. chinweed

    Jordan River OHV

    OCA is in Ogden area by Willard Bay. It is a private track so you have to have a membership or get a buddy pass.
  7. chinweed

    UTAH Wheel truing??????

    MotoXoutlet there in Orem usually has great prices.
  8. chinweed

    Bunker Hill: done?

    I doubt that is true. I have had friends go ride that track with in the last 2 weeks.
  9. chinweed

    Foot Surgery Rehab

    Thanks. Have been workin with a PT and riding stationary bike. Will do the marble thing and could stretch more.
  10. chinweed

    Foot Surgery Rehab

    So I broke 3 bones in my foot the first week of Oct 2007. The talis, navicular and cant remember the other off hand. Has any one gone through this? I am still rehabing on my own now, but limp pretty good. I have not met anyone that has had this and want to know there experience and recovery time. Im just anxious to get back on the bike but want it to healed properly. Thanks for the info guys!!!
  11. chinweed

    Green River info please.

    check motoutah.com some people just got back from there.
  12. chinweed

    Utah - JROHV...

    I was at Jordan river two weeks ago and got cross rutted in the rhythm section coming out of the last one and went over the bars. I ended up going to insta care the doc told me I had torn ligaments in my foot and just told me to take advil. I decided to get a couple other opinions and I broke my foot in 3 places. Just got out of surgery yesterday. Going to suck not being able to ride for a couple of months.
  13. chinweed

    07' YZ450F Low speed stalls.

    I just installed the 9oz gytr and love it. I would highly recommend it.
  14. chinweed

    Anyone racing Monticello USRA this weekend?

    More info can be found at raceusra.com
  15. chinweed

    OCA Raceway in Ogden

    go to motoutah.com someone there might be able to help you out