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  1. xrl250

    Orion Pit Bikes

    I like mine OK. Had it about a year and a half. Pieces are pretty good quality. I sometimes wonder what a thumpstar or BBR would ride like by comparison. Probably answered my own question. You almost always get what you pay for.
  2. Great thread Dwight! Finally had to pipe-in and say that its a great feelin to wax the nasayers with a well set up sleeper like the one you mention. You know what I'm talkin about! Tried the high dollar/high maintenance/high performance machines and would prefer a simpler design for the tight stuff. I'd probably feel differently if I had more open terrain to ride. Doing the dualsportin and adventure riding thing now, but still miss the little, quick handlin machines.
  3. xrl250

    need help buyin pit bike

    Your a good Dad. This is where I bought mine: http://orionpitbikesales.com/ Have a X3R 125cc about a year and its been a great machine so far. $999 shipped to my home. Sure, you can spend a lot more for something super trick if you want to. Broke the rear shock and Orion was fairly quick to send me another one. Your right about researching these things. I found that the Zoengshen motor is the best out there right now. Mine cranks easy and runs strong for a little 125. Call Jason tuesday and ask him your questions.
  4. xrl250

    G#$%D$%& chain roller (DR650)

    Thanks for posting that Pal,,,,,,,,,,,,,I`ll be removing mine,,,,,,,,,,,,,if its still there to remove !
  5. xrl250

    Pensacola Florida

    Looks like KLR Tony beat me here. Rob! does it still look like you`ll be able to ride with us? Sure hope so! We`re meeting at the Oasis truck stop at the Wilcox exit on interstate 10 to eat breakfast and head out from there. Its your call on the tires,,,,,,606`s or Avon Distansas. You`ll probably be ok with either choice. The 606`s will show noticable wear at the end of THIS day. Tony
  6. xrl250

    '07 knocking

    My 06 had a knock also. Posted the problem here and at Adventure Rider and got many responses from chain slap to loose valves. My noise was loud and sounded to me like the connecting rod was knocking. Does yours sound like that? Well if it does,,,,the problem with mine was that the nut that holds the primary gear to the crankshaft was loose. http://houseofmotorcycles.bikebandit.com/partsbandit/oem_schematic_view~schem_dept_id~1255216~section_dept_id~1~section_dept_name~OEM+%28Stock%29+Parts~dept_type_id~2~model_dept_year~2003~model_dept_mfr~Suzuki~model_dept_id~1255205~model_dept_name~DR650SE.asp See part number 15 Not a common problem, but it does happen and not just on Suzuki`s. Thats what the Suzuki dealer said in Pensacola, and they fixed it in one day. Give them a call if you like and talk to the service manager Glen Brown 850-478-1776. Describe the noise to Glen. My 06 DR650 sounds great now. Problem fixed. Let us know how yours turns out.
  7. xrl250

    Knocking noise on 06 DR650

    If your DR has a knocking sound CHECK the nut holding the primary gear to the crankshaft. My knocking sound is GONE now.
  8. xrl250

    Knocking noise on 06 DR650

    Mechanic quickly found it was the nut holding the primary gear on the crankshaft was a little loose. Tightned it to specs and engine sounds perfect. Hurrah!
  9. xrl250

    Knocking noise on 06 DR650

    Thanks for the reply Drmotard. One little difference though,,,,,I`m doing what your doing on dirt roads and a little single track, AND, using ALL 5 gears. Constantly bangin gears from 1st to 5th. My DR handles fantastic, and sliding around the dirt roads, my pals and I sometimes hit 90 . They`re riding KLR`s XRL`s and DR`s too. Gotta get one of those helmet cams and make a dirt road video.
  10. xrl250

    Knocking noise on 06 DR650

    Mine sounds like rod knocking too. But when clutch is pulled in it quiets a bit. That can`t be normal because I have several friends with 03,04, and 06 DR650`s and they aren`t sounding like that. But when clutch is pulled in it quiets a bit. Service manager listened and wrote up the work order. Oil level is at 1/2 sight glass. Thanks for the replies.
  11. xrl250

    Knocking noise on 06 DR650

    Pretty loud when engine is cold. Quietens a bit when clutch lever is pulled. After engine is warm, noise goes away. Oil level is fine. 3200 miles. I don`t baby this bike throttle wise, and have been "skinnin-it-back" since the 800 mile break in. Still under warranty, and took it to dealer today. Are DR`s capable of standing up to agressive use? Anyone ever heard of these symptoms, and if so, how was it resolved? Thanks! __________________
  12. xrl250

    Wanna a few more HP for you're DR650?

    According to NGK`s heat range chart,,,this plug is about as COLD as they make. The number (9) tells the story: 2 is hot and a 10 is cold. Here is the link to the chart: http://www.kaila.net/tl125/tl125ngkcode.html The stock Denso U31ESR-N cross`s over to a NGK 10 heat range. According to their heat range charts,,,,,the CR9ek appears to be quite a ways from being regarded as a "HOT" plug.
  13. xrl250

    Where in Fla are you?

    Yea,,,,I`ll be doing pre-ride both days. See you there!
  14. xrl250

    Where in Fla are you?

    Extreme northwest Florida near Pensacola. Har-de-har-har! http://media.putfile.com/Outlaws-like-us
  15. xrl250

    What does your DR sound like?

    T-shirt was from the Dixie Dualsport tour of the Talladega National park at Mt. Cheaha. A 2 day event, and its coming up again Oct 28th and 29th. There are a few pictures of Cheaha in this little video I made: http://media.putfile.com/Outlaws-like-us check out the Dixie dualsport site for more info: http://www.dixiedualsport.com/ Come go with us, you`ll hear LOTSA DR650`S THERE!