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    Where Can I Find An Real Motobike Site

    That about sums it up
  2. chronos

    Dirt VS Street

    Do you have friends that ride street bikes? Any kind of riding is more fun with friends IMO. Even if you do get a street bike, just the fact that you are having a hard time deciding, you'll want a dirt bike too. Do you live in an area with good places to ride offroad? Would you get an MX or a dual sport? For me, riding on asphalt is fun, but it get's old, and you're breaking the law frequently if you push a road bike at all, unless its a 500 or less and that means tickets. At your age, insurance is going to be very expensive as it is. Put a ticket or two on top and I'm not sure where that will put you. A DRZ is a great compromise. I've got one with a set of street rims/tires and stock rims with street legal knobbie so I can go back and forth. It's a blast to ride around town, but not excessive. It's great offroad, pulls strong with an FCR and it's dead reliable.
  3. He overshot a practice jump and put himself in the hospital, so the 360 jump is cancelled for tonight.
  4. If I see one more Trojan's commercial....
  5. The speed and height are ridiculous....unbelievable. Still waiting on a distance measurement.
  6. The wind just died down, he's going to do it again and try to break the world record he just set...don't think I've ever seen anything like it Commercials on right now.
  7. WTH?!?!?!?!?!!? he's doing it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. OMG!!!!!!! He did it!!! Don't know if it's a WR yet... Edit, over 320, he set a new World Record. Very cool, glad he didn't wreck
  9. It' 12:30...hes jumping right now.
  10. I've got that whole rear assy brand new if you want it for cheep
  11. chronos


    Definitely JeepsUnlimited.com. I was there for years when I had my 98 TJ.
  12. chronos

    ONF Permit Question

    Thanks for the info
  13. chronos

    ONF Permit Question

    My friend has a CRF he bought in Mississippi with title from that state. We want to ride some trails in ONF....I've got a street legal DRZ, so no problems for me, but we're not sure if he can get the OHV permit with an out of state title. Anyone know? If so, what's the easiest way to get the permit? Thanks in advance
  14. chronos

    Hope to get 400s soon - new member

    My S is the first DS I've owned. I've done hardly any trail riding up until this bike and even then, I just started. You might just want to get the S and work your way into your skills. I agree, the best case might be to buy a smaller bike first, but to me the S doesn't feel too big off road....not for forest roads and such where you can approach your limits slowly. I've got a set of used SM wheels and tires too...best of both worlds...you won't get that with a smaller bike.