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  1. Ok, my 98 cr125 started running funny a couple weeks ago, so I parked it and it started leaking alot of coolant through the exhaust port. I figured it was the head gasket, so I went to pull it apart and realized that the nut that holds the power valve arm on had come off. Luckily it didnt fall to far, and I was able to fish it out with a magnet. But would this nut rattling loose cause coolant to leak out of the exhaust port? Anyone hear of this happening before? Should I just put it back on and run it or should I replace anything besides gaskets? Thanks
  2. I might be getting an nx250 next tuesday. If I do I was wondering if the frames and stuff were much different than the xr's and xl's? Cause the plastics on the nx's look pretty lame. Was wondering if I could posible swap some xr plastics on it. Let me know what you all think. Thanks
  3. hondarider95

    Will an xr80 wheel work on a xr100.

    A smaller wheel will definitely add low end power, but it will take away top speed. Its the same as getting a bigger rear sprocket. Thanks
  4. I am looking for a set of forks for an xr100. Let me know if you have a set you would like to get rid of, and let me know how much. Thanks, Kaleb
  5. hondarider95

    Will an xr80 wheel work on a xr100.

    Ok, I bought it. It should be better with more low end power anyway. Thanks
  6. hondarider95

    Will an xr80 wheel work on a xr100.

    More specifically I am wondering if a 1994 xr80 rear wheel will work on a 2000 xr100. Let me know. Thanks
  7. My buddy has a 250ex, and we were out riding when all of the sudden it lost power. We towed it back and could not get it started. We cleaned the carb, put in a new spark plug, drained the gas, and put in new gas. What else could it be? Thanks
  8. hondarider95

    Help! 400ex Smoking

    I have torn the engine down. I plan to replace piston, rings, timing chain, and valve seals. Here are some pics: What do you mean valve seats? What exactly is that? Sorry if sound dumb, this is my first engine tear down. Thanks
  9. hondarider95

    Honda Help! 400ex Smoking

    I just bought a 400ex, and it is smoking quite a bit. It starts right up, and runs fine. It doesn't go away after the engine is warm and the higher the rpm's the more smoke. Is it time for a rebuild? Is it worth testing compression, or should I just go ahead and start the tear down. Let me know what you all think. Thanks
  10. hondarider95

    Good Deal for 1999 400ex???

    Ok, here are pictures: The Bike: http://www.geocities.com/lumber1995/400.jpg Leaking Head Bolt: http://www.geocities.com/lumber1995/leak.jpg Let me know what you all think.
  11. hondarider95

    Good Deal for 1999 400ex???

    What if I was able to get the guy to $1400 or $1500? Would it be a good deal then? It has Douglas rims and the stock ones, brand new kenda claws, white bros exhaust, new axel carrier, and nerf bars. I'll try to get some pics up. Thanks
  12. hondarider95

    Good Deal for 1999 400ex???

    Ok, the guy seems firm on $2000, so I dont think I am going to get this one. I live near orlando, florida, so new jersey is a bit out of the way. But if anyone has a 400ex that lives in central florida, let me know. Thanks
  13. hondarider95

    Honda Good Deal for 1999 400ex???

    Is this a good deal for a 1999 400ex? The guy is asking $2000, but it has a leaking bolt on the head, the guy discribed it as there are six of the bolts on the head and one has been leaking oil since he got the bike a few years ago, and he said it was no trouble. Is this a big deal? Would it be hard to fix? Helicoil? The bike has whitebos exhaust, air filter, nerf bars, new swingarm bearings, new axel carrier, and powder coated swingarms(front and rear). It also has gripper seat. I'll let you know more info as I get it and may be able to get some pictures. Let me know what you all think about this deal. Thanks
  14. hondarider95

    1990 KX250 Project W/ PICTURES

    UPDATE! Its going kind of slow but I have installed new seals and oil in the forks, installed the new bearings, my uncle is drilling and tapping those bolts from the swingarm, and we are also getting the rims re-spoked and a new tube installed in the front tire. So pretty soon we'll only have the engine to worry about . PARTS I NEED for 1990 kx250: -Clutch Basket -Swingarm bolt -Upper Tripple Clamp Brake Bracket -Fork Guards (Newer Style Preffered if they will work) Let me know if you have these parts or know were to get a good deal. Thanks
  15. hondarider95

    Will 1989 kx250 engine work in 1990 kx250?

    Are you sure cause the mounts look like they are in different locations? Thanks