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  1. dustmaker

    oversized tank

    i am thinking of purchasing an IMS 3.1 gallon tank for my 06w250f. are there any drawbacks with fit or weight? how about function, any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks
  2. dustmaker

    bar end inserts?

    thanks for all you help!!
  3. dustmaker

    bar end inserts?

    i have been doing searches for this but can't seem to find these. i am looking for a very coarse screw that goes into the end of your bar, and the bolt from your barkbuster screws into it. i am not sure if i read about them in a magazine or saw an ad somwhere. if anyone has info i would sure appreciate the help! thanks
  4. dustmaker

    leak jet ?'s

    is the stock starter jet #72? i am having a hard time finding it in the manual. i bought the bike used, and the engine was rebuilt, the owner told me it is a pr 2 motor, whatever that means. the bike ran pretty good, but when it was hot, it was very hard to start, so i thought re-jetting would help. i put a 185 mj 40pj 40 lj and a 60 starter jet, blue needle in the 5th pos. fuel screw 2.25 turns out. after all that the bike wouldn't even start. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. i have a yz250f 2003, i put a jd jet kit in. 185 main 42 pj and blue needle in 5th position, the fuel screw is out 2 turns out. what leak jet, and starter jet should i use? i have a fmf power bomb and ti 4 silencer, any help would greatly appreciated!!!
  6. I have a wr450f 2004 and i am having problems figuring out which is the starter jet, and which is the leak jet. when I go to the dealer the picture they have of the carb is not very clear, and they don't say which one is the starter and leak. all it says is jet# so i don't know which one to order? any help would be greatly appreciated! also which setup for a yz250f 2003, with all the free mods and a fmf power bomb and ti 4 exhaust. i live in Pennsylvania, where the temps are climbing and the elevation is less than 4000 feet.
  7. dustmaker

    oil leak?

    i have a 04 wr450f, and i love it. i have done all the free mods and this bike screams. my best upgrade was the autoclutch, with the rear brake mounted on the left handlebar!!!! my problem is, i have an oil leak somwhere up high, it is dripping down on the header, right where it is mounted to engine. i took the tank and radiator guards off and there was oil all over the back side of the front of the frame, header, right rad and all the hoses. i found the nut missing from the header and the alan set screw was loose. is there enough oil blowing out of the exhaust to create this much of a mess? i can't see where it would be coming from. any help would be much appreciated!!
  8. dustmaker

    New vid with a message.

    i am close to pittsburgh PA and every time i turn around something else is getting shut down!!! i have to agree with the property owners most of the time. there always seems to be someone braking windows or turfing someones yard, or causing some type of a PROBLEM! i have to keep traveling further and further from home to find a ride. it is a shame.
  9. dustmaker

    Rekluse installed today

    i have a rekluse and i love it!! i just installed the rear brake lever on my left handlebar today, and i am pumped to get ou and ride. i eliminated the overide and just used the spring on the motor. i don't miss my clutch one bit,and as soon as my shock is done being rebuilt i am on it wided open. what is this about rotella or delo, is this a type of oil? i use bel ray 20/50 myself.
  10. dustmaker


    i am also looking for a rear brake for left handlebar, i think i will have a lot more control over my rear tire, especially while going downhill!