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  1. Idaho

  2. Washington

    lets go jonah do it big man. always will be my hero
  3. Oregon

    hey looky there brandon gjernes 519
  4. check out www.****************** for some action too
  5. another great showing this year good job to everyone
  6. im looking for support in the 2009 Worcs series. i would like to contest the series in 450 A and Pro 2. so if anybody is interested in helping out a young washington offroad racer than go ahead and message me. thanks alot BG 519
  7. aww jee thanks wiz.
  8. eyy johnnybmoto im 519 but since you know the place i was three last year on a ktm
  9. thanks man
  10. ok finally figured this out. but yee not the fastest. just nice to show people lol
  11. little old
  13. you could ride 200 a,b,or c or open a,b,or c
  14. aww interesting. maybe ill be there.
  15. few questions. what day is race day? how many AA's were at the last one?