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  1. CRF230Gretch

    Kinda bummed

    It is always great to have multilple bikes, depending what your riding fancy is. It is like having more than just one pair of good shoes. You can't just have one! I have a CRF230 myself & love it. Variety is good!
  2. CRF230Gretch

    brand new girlie saying hello!

    Welcome! I have a Honda CRF230 which I have had for the past 5 years. Great trail bike but a little heavy at times as it depends on where your riding. It's does the job, I just don't care for to much of the mud as the bike becomes very heavy. Overall I like it! My husband would like to have more 2 strokes, but living in California with all the crazy laws puts a damper on where & when you can ride.
  3. CRF230Gretch

    Anyone having problems getting their tags?

    Just received my green sticker that I paid in mid June. There is hope. Hang in there
  4. CRF230Gretch

    Beginer's trail ride in the mountains

    Glad to see everyone had a good day. The view is beautiful ! It's always great to have friends to ride with. Nice pic's.
  5. CRF230Gretch

    Anyone having problems getting their tags?

    Yes, I'm in Antleope, CA and I paid my tag in mid June. DMV said they mailed it in early July. Just waiting also as I don't want to pay for a replacement sticker.
  6. CRF230Gretch

    Where should we camp/ride?

    I like to ride SugarPine which is in Foresthill. They have a designated camp ground by a reservoir / lake and also lots of riding trails and fire roads. If you camp at the reservoir you will have to drive over to the staging area. There are various open camping sites. They have pit toilets no showers. Foresthill is just outside of Auburn, CA
  7. CRF230Gretch

    Need Thumpettes' help with a referral

    I would have to agree, I like the comtemporary look as well. When do you plan on riding Georgetown?
  8. CRF230Gretch

    NorCal Ride with Hotties/Ladies Spring Ride

    Sounds like a plan, I sent you a pm
  9. CRF230Gretch

    Saturday at Foresthill, We Ride it all.

    Yes Dave I would have to agree, I think everyone had a good time. The park was pretty fun today for a change. It was good to see everyone and RJ keep us posted on how your doing.
  10. CRF230Gretch

    I can't drive..55!

    Metalmaster and I would love to come, sorry we have to miss it as we have plans. Hope you have a great B-Day and ride, say hi to Leann. You can be crazy, but safe..
  11. CRF230Gretch

    Question for the thumpettes...

    Ditto That !!!
  12. I agree Forest Hill is a great place for the kids.....
  13. CRF230Gretch

    Best place for a beginner?

    Kim, Sorry didn't mean to exclude you, but it was really hot that day and I felt is was kind of far for you to come with all that heat. We will plan a camping trip to Foresthill soon and I will let you know. I know you have been wanting to get up this way to ride in some tree's. Sorry we really didn't take many pictures. Hope all is well on your end, I will keep you posted, Gretchen
  14. CRF230Gretch


    I have found a product you can purchase at Super Walmart called Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant. It's cost is under $5.00. It really keeps you dry all day. You have to apply it at night before you go to bed. You would use your normal anti-perspirant as normal the next day. I just love it as I'm not dripping wet and I can raise you hands in confidence....I was to be the person that would drip doing my hair getting ready for work. This product is in a box where you would buy your normal anti-perspirant. To have your store order and carry this product you can call them 1-800-331-0221. or visit their web page www.dsehealth.com It is distributed by DSE Healthcare Solutions LLC. Edison, NJ 08818
  15. CRF230Gretch

    Best place for a beginner?

    Hi Ladies, I see my hubby has already beat me to the computer this morning and posted the pic. Yes it was a great day for Prairie City and they park wasn't even crowded! We will have to do it again soon. Gretchen (mrs. metalmaster)