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  1. They are street legal in Europe and are allowed on the " Autobahn".
  2. Had very good expierence with GP Motorcycles in San Diego.
  3. try these guy's: http://www.shift-tech.com/shop/enter.html
  4. Just last week received some nice carbon parts from these guy's: http://www.shift-tech.com/shop/enter.html
  5. Had a 550 Husaberg, 3 major engine failures within 500mls. What a piece of junk. First the timing chain locks up, then the main bearings brake, then the gear that connects the clutch drum snapps in half. Twice the head and valves were finsihed after the defaults. Never ever again!!!
  6. Remember, if it is to good to be true then...........
  7. You can get one here: http://www.shift-tech.com/shop/enter.html\ Believe they are also located in Florida.