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  1. Fireblade Dave

    loking to uncork my new 525

    Is it too loud with the end cap removed for sensitive woods areas? My guess is about 92dba with the restrictor removed? I read in the manual or somewhere that stock it is like 82dba or something. It sounds pretty bad stock. I was tweaking the carb settings when I first got it home and the neighbor came out and was wondering if I was operating a drill or something. LOL. She said it didn't sound like a bike. My other bike is a fully piped and uncorked Aprilia Futura 1000CC twin. That one I'm sure shakes her house.
  2. Fireblade Dave

    2007 525 Exc Sm?

    There is all sorts of stuff you can get. I have an '07 525EXC and will convert it over in the spring. I have picked out the parts and it comes to $2440. This is for a race set up though. If you just want to commute on it and play around a bit just get a wheelset, tires, new front disc and a caliper relocation bracket for the larger rotor.
  3. Fireblade Dave

    07 450 EXC steering stabilizer

    I've got a Scott's left over from a Sportbike I sold over a year ago. I just need to get the mounting brackets for the new 525. It worked perfectly on the sportbike. Where do I get the best mounting hardware? What is the best set up? Is the added handlebar rise really noticeable or akward?
  4. Fireblade Dave

    2007 525 EXC Street legal.

    It will work well for all those things. I will add one other thing it will be good at in the spring. A full on race supermoto setup. I can't wait. It does need new springs. Guess that's the same with any bike though.
  5. Fireblade Dave

    07 450 EXC modifications

    My '07 525 EXC wouldn't idle off the fhowroom floor off of the choke either. Just trim the fuel mixture screw on the bottom of the carb. I think I only turned mine about 1/4 turn and it idles fine now. I'm going to rejet and uncork the pipe soon. It really runs like crap out of the box.
  6. Fireblade Dave

    EXC speedo magnet for 320mm disc

    Nice work on the 525. My '07 525 will be a supermoto in the spring. How is it? I believe any magnet will work.
  7. Fireblade Dave

    07 EXC static sag question

    Anybody think there is a chance we can get the right spring for it under warranty. There must be a defect with the spring....right....since it's not even close to where it should be according to KTM's manual.
  8. Fireblade Dave

    07 EXC static sag question

    I'm about 175lbs in street close and I also have way to much sag. I just bought an '07 525 EXC. Static sag is at least double what is recommended and it looks like from the factory about 3/4's of the available preload is dialed in. It looks like I need a new spring. I think I should get a new spring with cost covered by the warranty since it is not delivered in spec. On the KTM predeliver checklist that the dealer is supposed to do it ask the set up mechanic to set static sag to 35MM. Not even close.
  9. Fireblade Dave

    Plating an E in Oregon = easy

    Good info, I am probably going to end up with an E model and will need to get it plated here in Oregon. What DMV did you take to? Did they do a physical inspection of the bike or not? I live in Beaverton. I take it a speedo is required in this state?
  10. Fireblade Dave

    400E vrs. 400S

    Are you sure? I live in the Portland area and have heard WR450's, and crf 450's haven't been a problem to get plates. Can you tell me more? I am seriously considering buying an E and getting it plated.