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  1. Cor829

    Engine Chugging??

    well that wasnt really the question but thats good to know , the question was how do i tighten the timing chain is it the same as the yzf????
  2. Cor829

    Engine Chugging??

    Hello everyone, Ok i have a 2003 crf450 i've had this bike for about 6 months and its be starting to make this sound when it idles like somethings not tight, now a few people told me this was the timing chain i could understand that this could be the problem but the question is how do i do this?? i have done it on a yzf but im not shore if the honda is different or not and i do not have the manual can someone help me?? -CK
  3. Cor829

    05 250f front end question

    Tire pressure could play some roll in it to right?????
  4. I just put my dirt bike back together after its been sitting for almost a year its a 2003 with a 2001 motor with a 03 cylinder and 03 cam hahaha long story how that happened but its all i had because the other stuff got destroyed and i tryed to work it. I just started it a little while ago, but i noticed the kick starter was easy to kick i havent rode it in so long maybe im not use to it or from riding my 450 anyways i ran it and reved it a little and it ran smoother then ever!! but im thinking maybe the 2003 cam isnt right for it because of the compression i felt,will the cam be ok on a 2001 header?? and second i couldnt really ride it cuz it was late and i live downtown LOL and the chain wasnt on but i let it run for like 30-45 secs and i started to see the pipe lit up it wasnt glowing but it was were i could see it in the dark getting hot,about a inch or so of the pipe lit up by the header is this normal or should i have something to worry about??? Well i'd like to say thanks alot to everyone thats helped me out with this thing, You guys are awsome here!!! -CK
  5. Cor829

    Cam Timing Question

    thanks alot there phill this saved me a big problem hahaha hope all goes well this time later man-CK
  6. Hello everyone , Alright im shore many of you have done your timing so i hope you can help, heres the problem im looking threw the hole at the flywheel and its telling me in the book to line it up with the line but i see 3 lines first 2 with a dash in the middle or easyer to say it looks like H I the book could be saying different maybe because i have a 2001 flywheel on there, i do not know which one to aim for, right now i have it in the middle line what should i do?? aim for one of them or just keep it in the lines???? please help i dont want to have a problem with my valves hitting my piston and breaking again tahanks a bunch _CK
  7. Cor829

    Valve Seat spacers

    I have spaces from my 03 250f and they have numbers on them and i dont know what ones go on the intake and exhaust. does anyone know what ones go where????????????????
  8. I have a 2003 yz250f and im doing the top end and do not know where the manual is and i am wondering if the positon of the rings matters on a 4stroke and if so does anyone know where to put them?? I tryed to look at the manual on the yamaha web site but i cant get the file open.
  9. I wanted the electrical system to be the same,run by a cdi box and fit in there frame
  10. How can i find out the specs for different year motors?/ well to describe better i need to know what year motor will fit in a 03 did i miss it in here somewhere??
  11. I am trying to find out where i can see what year motors are the same as my 03 yz250f or if anyone has a knowing of it i was told 01 motors are different would someone please help me out and end this all for once!!!!!!!
  12. Cor829

    03 CRF 450 clunks and thicks

    O ok thanks alot i would of never thought it would be related to the cam chain but ya i will check it all thanks again!
  13. ive had this bike for 4 months raced it some and rode a little maybe 100 hours or so on it, i bought it off a friend of a friend and he had 10 hours on it and riddin on the street only now after awhiel it had started to make a noisy sound fromt he top i only really hear it when it idles and it clunks and thicks, is this the valves do they need to be serviced??????
  14. Cor829

    Help! Wanted 01 YZ250F Motor

    Hey RandyWRF i was looking at that, So whats the highest price you think that motors worth???
  15. Cor829

    Help! Wanted 01 YZ250F Motor

    Owwhhh Nice, well what condition is this bike in ? about how many hours you think you put on the motor and have you changed the piston??if it was in good shape i would give $700-800 i dont know maybe more send me something to look at