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  1. Racer

    TTR 125 valve clearance

    Some years the factory put a little cap over the fuel screw, most have long been removed by now but thought I should mention it. The adjustment screw is on the bottom of the carb, just in front of the float bowl, turning it out richens the mixture, in the leaner.
  2. Racer

    TTR 125 valve clearance

    Yes, whenever I pick up a used bike I always give it a good tune up and checking the valve clearance is right up the top of the list [tight valve clearance will eventually lead to burnt valves!] Bigdaddy450 is correct [intake .0031~.0047in.] [exhaust.0039~.0055in] Remove both plugs on the left hand engine cover, turn the crankshaft counterclockwise with the rotor nut till the little "I" on the rotor lines up with the ^ mark on the crankcase cover, measure the clearances. Also wouldn't be a bad idea to pull the carb and give it a thorough cleaning while you are at it, be sure you can clearly see through both the main and pilot jets when held up to a light source. Stock main jet size is #105, although if the airbox has been modded you should have a #107.5 or #110. Needle clip should be in the middle position. You may also need to remove the little cap over the fuel screw in order to fine tune the adjustment. Hope this helps!
  3. This help? http://www.bikebandit.com/houseofmotorcycles/2011-yamaha-tt-r125le-ttr110lea/o/m144269#sch680903 Pilot screw is on the bottom of the carb [#26], it will have a small metal cap covering it [#45] you will have to remove the cap in order to adjust the screw.
  4. Racer

    26 mm Keihin

    Nice, I'm looking forward to hearing how it works! You better start making some room to put all the new trophies you're going to be winning!
  5. Racer

    26 mm Keihin

    I haven't had any issues with mine but I primarily use it for super moto, however according to the many people who do jump them, a frame cradle would be a good idea. Great job on the 2nd place, not too shabby for someone who weights more than their bike lol!
  6. Racer

    26 mm Keihin

    Good question, I really don't know the answer, I believe they do have the Mikuni available for other makes/models.
  7. Racer

    26 mm Keihin

    Haha, ya it's kinda nice to have a site where a person can swap info and such, sure saves a lot of time [and money lol!] Yes, my BBR Keihin 26mm also measures 28mm at the engine side opening, Inside where the slide is it gets smaller and becomes oval shaped. The Keihin carb requires the BBR adapter to mate it to the TTR intake so I would suspect that may be why it's more expensive. I got my BBR carb from Procycle http://www.procycle.us/bikepages/10-ttr125-holiday-spcls.html for $279.99 that also included an air filter and extra main and pilot jets. I don't have any experience with the 26mm Mikuni but I do like the idea that it's cheaper
  8. Racer

    26 mm Keihin

    I have the BBR carb and it is a PD97, as far as I know all the XR200 carbs were more or less the same. On the sheet that came with my carb it says as a starting point, to use a #118 main and a #42 pilot with the needle clip in the 3rd position for the big bore kit. Not sure if the BBR uses the same needle as the stock XR200 carb though so you may have to do some jetting to get it dialed in. Hope that helps!
  9. Racer

    BBR carb. stock engine TTR125

    You bet, it says: PD 97 ABAB However I wasn't able to get it dialed in perfectly as it seems the 26mm is just it bit too much carb for a stock bore TTR125, it works but not ideal for super moto racing and have since went back to the Mikuni 24mm
  10. Racer

    Xr80 won't spark

    Not sure if it's a typo but point gap should be .012~.016 in. not .13 as you mentioned. Use a folded piece of clean white paper to drag through the point contacts to clean off any residue.
  11. Racer

    Found a carb today for my XR100R (I hope!)

    Thanks for the update, that's great to hear!
  12. Racer

    Found a carb today for my XR100R (I hope!)

    A few tips for cleaning the new carb: Use a spray can carb. cleaner with the straw insert, and spray out all the passage ways including the small holes in the carb throat and be sure you can clearly see through both jets when held up to a light source. Also spray some carb. cleaner on a cotton swap and clean the seat where the float valve rests. If the carb kit comes with new jets, I'd suggest not using them as they are likely to be Chinese knock offs and the quality control will not be up to Keihin jets [meaning just b/c they say #95 on them may or may not mean they are actually the same as a Keihin #95 main jet] Also check the float level, hold the carb upside down and as the float tang JUST touches the pin of the float valve, measure from the base of the carb. [where the float bowl would meet the carb.] to the highest point on the float, it should be .49 inches or 12.5mm. You may have to turn the carb. slowly so the tang doesn't push in the float valve pin. If need be, bend the small tang on the float in order to get the correct measurement. Hope that makes sense.
  13. Racer

    Found a carb today for my XR100R (I hope!)

    Just take the carb and manifold with you to any local auto parts store, they generally have a pretty good supply of o-rings so you shouldn't have any trouble matching one up. As for the tiny o-ring in the fuel screw, just use the one from the Chinese carb if the Keihin doesn't have one but reuse the Keihin fuel screw. The rubber ring comes out after you remove the screw and spring, it's really small so careful you don't loose it.
  14. Racer

    xr100r crf100f carbs the same?

    Hey that looks pretty good, much better than what I was thinking it would be.
  15. Racer

    xr 80 wont run

    In 87' it should be under the fuel tank by the coil