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  1. You should go to where you bought it first. They should have parts. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I run into this all the time. I work part time at a honda dealership in Canada. People buy these bikes and break them and when they go back to the company who sold it to them. The people who sold the chinese bike sends them to us because they do not offer dealer support or they give you a 1-800 number to call. We cannot get parts for Chinese bikes. In the long run its just not worth spending $1000 on a cheap bike to realize that its a disposable item. You can try and find a old bike and grab the rear master cylinder off of that. The rear brake hose looks like a common banjo fitting. It will require some custom work to make it work properly.
  2. motorider05

    2007 results....& other tidbits

    Yup I have soft accountant hands too hahaha, only 3 blisters.
  3. motorider05

    2007 results....& other tidbits

    I'm going to chime in on this as well. I was on the Open Am team that won the event. You can call us sandbaggers if you want. Personally I've never ridden at night before. I looked at the final results and the top 10 -12 teams were very very close. We did have one really fast time (48.46), if you look at the other times we had some, 60's and a 66. The second and fourth places had times in the 40s too. The majority of the expert times are between 40 and 50 minutes. If that is sandbagging, then so be it. I think that even though I had a flat tire, Steve broke his nose and Ken went wandering around in a field in the middle of the night. It was consitency and riding smart, that helped us. I had a blast this year, and will be back next year. This was one of the best run events I've been to. Hats off to the organizers. I'm thinking of organizing a 24hour up in Penticton. Then you guys can come up here to ride. The hand off of transponders should be from rider to rider only at the top of the pits. I do like the idea of a sandbagger trophy, If a team has very low times for a class give them that.
  4. motorider05

    Dead engine race start;kick start or e-button?

    One more thing; up here in Canada the offroad series I race in is dead engine hands on top of head!!!!! Gives a fair chance for everybody as some people were getting really good starts with estart. Bike must be warm in neutral. Last year we used to stradle the front fender with hands on the handle bars. That was fun!!!
  5. motorider05

    Loudest Exhaust?

    Heres my 2 cents. I live in the Okanagan, Guess what we just lost our motorcross track. Why you might ask, because the bikes are too loud. The city took away the water rights, because people complained. Bear creek riding area is now under fire, why? Bikes are too loud. If you want a loud pipe go for it, but when people start complaining and then your town puts signs up that read "No motorized vehicle access" or shuts down riding areas, do not bitch at them. You had your chance to be responsible. Trust me I used to live in a small town, 1000 people to be exact. I used to ride from my house. A month later the town put signs up at all access points. The police actually waited for me to come back from a ride and gave me shit. I would rather ride a quiet bike than no bike at all.
  6. motorider05

    Have you seen the Leatt brace??

    I mostly race harescrambles up in canada. I'm going to get one, i don't think it would really matter either way (offroad vs motorcross). You cant have too much protection. From what i have heard about the brace, its like wearing anyonther piece of protection. You just forget about it while riding.
  7. motorider05

    Have you seen the Leatt brace??

    I'm getting one!!!! I have already had the wonderful experience of a broken back. Well 3 compressed vertabrae. Trust me you don't want to have anything even close to that happening. 2 weeks of barely moving and hurting not fun at all. I already looked into purchasing this brace, but for now production is stopped as they move into their new facility. As soon as they get back going i'm getting one and its going to cost me $700 canadian. I would rather ride than be paralyzed.
  8. motorider05

    "CR" Line to China?

    Yes all of the chinese engines are old honda motors, don't quote me, but i beleive it is a 1940s design and very outdated. I really doubt Honda will sell, designs or tooling jigs of products that are any newer than 50 years old. Honda still makes alot of money off of parts.
  9. motorider05

    25 Hours of MAYHEM!!!

    Good job, You were racing with my brother Steve and all the guys i work with from Penticton Honda. I couldn't make it this year, but next year i'm gonna be there! Congrats on the Win!!
  10. motorider05

    any rumors about crf650/r /l /sm?

    2007 XR650r is no longer available in Canada, XR650l yes. Was flipping through the 2007 line up catalog very disappointed. Honda is starting to make major cuts.
  11. motorider05

    How much does a dealer make off a bike!!!!

    Not much, I work a a honda dealer in BC Canada, and I was shocked at how little we make on a bike sale. Not going into details or exact amounts, but its way less than you expect.
  12. Well i moved up to a ski hill this year and its been about -15c for the last couple days. I want to bring my 05crf450r up and ride in the snow. I've ridden in the snow before but never this cold. My rad fluid is at -25c so it should be ok. Do you guys have any recommendations or concerns about riding in super cold weather?