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  1. ktmracer_x

    Medical Insurance?

    Im planning a trip to America in May for 3 weeks. I am planning on riding motorcross bikes while I am over there. I am struggling to find an insurance company in NZ who will cover me while I am riding. The details of my trip are: I will be flying into America, and riding casually on tracks around California for 10 days. I will then be competing in an amateur race in Sacramento. Does anyone know a reputable insurance company in the USA who will insure me? Thanks
  2. ktmracer_x

    when are the 09's comeing?

    Mine will be here monday!! alrite!!
  3. ktmracer_x

    high point lites torrent

    You riding spectro at moonshine next weekend?
  4. ktmracer_x

    high point lites torrent

    gmpboat your a Legend!!! Hey FLANGmasterJ were you from in NZ? Good to see im not the only kiwi Downloading MX
  5. ktmracer_x

    Broken Valve on my 06

    Yup mine did it. Same valve same story. 30 hours old. And yes my valves were in spec. I even checked them before I rode it and it went pop. Kawasaki wouldnt cover it for me. Check out my garage for pics.
  6. ktmracer_x

    Budd's Creek Torrent?

    &%$#@!? you dont need to be a member of mininova to find your torrents. try mininova.org opposed to mininova.com.
  7. ktmracer_x

    Southwick Lites / 250f torrent

    Your a lengend
  8. ktmracer_x

    Dropped a valve... could have been worse (with Pics)

    thats a mess dude.
  9. ktmracer_x

    Dropped a valve... could have been worse (with Pics)

    Wow looks exactly like mine did in April or so. When I posted on here man did I get a bagging. All the same stuff, over revving, no maintenance. Its crap a new bike shouldnt explode like that. Check out my garage. I wasnt as lucky lost cylinder, head everything. Good to see I wasnt the only one, But stink for you.
  10. ktmracer_x

    should i buy a kx250f

  11. ktmracer_x

    '06 250F Issues/Blowin Up

    lol cos i was in the head??? i was checking the valve clearances like the manual said. you say do the right maintenance, is checking valve clearances not on your maintenace schedule? Just out of curiosity, are whoops out of bounds for KXF's?
  12. ktmracer_x

    06 KXF 250 lunched motor.

    Yea I ran it in properly, Yea my riding style is alot different now. No thats not the first valve clearance check it had. does any one know who is a kibblewhite ss valve reseller, or do i go straight to kibblewhite. I emailed them and have no reply. Do they make an 06 valve yet? (and springs). id like to say thanks to everyone on here that has been supportive, and posted helpfull info, to the rest of you jackarses, go ride a honda.
  13. ktmracer_x

    Went on and did it anyways

    could you possibly recommend "quality valves" and good springs. are Pro Circuit valves any good? or do i put in SS valves? As you may have read I now need a new cylinder, head, and valves, and am not too keen on putting stock valves back in. Thanks
  14. ktmracer_x

    06 KXF 250 lunched motor.

    sorry dude i read it the wrong way. no excuses but in my court I just did some serious damage to, like all of us on here, my pride and joy. yea I am maintenace mad thats why I am so pissed this happened. and I suppose it happens or has the risk of to all four storkes, faulty valves, or whatever.
  15. ktmracer_x

    06 KXF 250 lunched motor.

    When Ben Townleys knee heals he will show you what lil guys from NZ race like.