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  1. Will the OEM CRF450X Renthal bars fit fine on the XR650R? Just concerned that the rigid/grip area on the bars won't line up with the clamps. Thanks in advance.
  2. Yes, managed to break it off with what I thought is ok quality torque wrench. The bolt was the magnetic one but it managed to take out a few threads in the hole as well would say 1/3 (maybe not even so much) of them, what I my options here for a good and permanent fix going forward on my XR650R? What is the safe way for removing the rest of the bolt? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have noticed a bit of a oil sweat (probably 2-3mm overhang from cover) on the exhaust side tappet cover. Is it something to be concerned about? What action should I take? Sorry, I have no to min. experience on engines. It's a XR650R. Thanks.
  4. Any other comments on Excel rims?
  5. Hi, Which rims is recommended to replace the D.I.D. 21" and 18" on a XR650R? Are the Excel and Podium's (eBay) just as strong as the OEM D.I.D.'s? I'm not considering the Excel A60 rim though which is more expensive. The other thing is, will the OEM spokes fit on the Excel rim? Thanks
  6. Apologies for asking the obvious here, which part(s) on the diagram would that be. Newbie on this.
  7. I have the exact same problem! Been battling my @ss off. Running 172 main, 68s, 3rd clip. Few drops (2-3) of petrol drips from the overflow while kicking the bike over. Since I have uncorked the bike I have had endless problems starting it. Checked valves, crud in the carb, kinked hoses, spark etc etc. Am I correct in saying that the float should be level with the gasket/bowl surface and just touch the float valve tip, the distance is 18mm? Well, ordered the Clymer manual with the hope that it has one hell of a troubleshooting flow chart to solve this problem. Unless some of the experienced and respected guys over here can assist.
  8. Do you go according to your weight in your birthday suite or with the weight fully kitted with boots, helmet, Camelbak with 2-3 liters of fluid etc. etc to work out the above? Maybe an average worked out between the two? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for that! TDC? Sorry if I miss the obvious here (TDC). This noise really had me worried...but then again I should have had more faith in knowing that minimal goes wrong with a pig...may I dare say nothing? Honda!!! It only happens occasionally for me too.
  10. Gents, once again, thanks for all the pointers. I will check and try all the above out and will let you know what the outcome is. BTW, how old is TT now? It will be great to have for example a 10 year TT birthday bash and meet up to put some faces to the wealth of knowledge in this community. Definetely I trip I will make for such a occasion.
  11. Apologies, maybe should have mentioned in the start that it was an US model, Well, this leaves me back to square one...something is definitely wrong with my pig then, I don't see then that changing from 91 to 95 octane will be the solution.
  12. It is a US model. Does this mean guys saying that they run +/- 100 miles stock but uncorked has actually changed the gearing as well?
  13. It's a States model, imported it myself since Honda NZ decided to stop importing them at the end of 2006....so it will be the stock gearing you familiar with. The other thing I'm sure worth mentioning is that when I climb a dune, the steeper ones, not that high, about 10 -15 meters the bike will cut out and I will need to give it a few kicks to get it going again. I have checked the float in the carb, it does not stick, my pilot screw is 2 turns out from seated.
  14. Unfortunately here in NZ it's only 91 and 95 octane at the pumps. It will be really crap to make alternative plans to get fuel for my pig rather than just pulling in at your local gas station.
  15. Details: XRR, '07, 100 miles, uncorked with OEM air filter but otherwise stock (tires etc.), jetting - 170 main, 68s, needle on 3rd clip, rider - 220 pounds, riding at sea level using 91 octane unleaded gas. I took the bike for a bit of a top end run on the beach yesterday where the sand is really quite compact/hard and only managed a top speed of 83 miles with a Garmin GPS? Shouldn't it be closer to more the 100 miles mark? Am I missing something? I really thought that I'd "break-in" the bike as suggested...unless I screwed this process up which is obviously also possible. The other thing that is a bit of a concern is that when I kickstart the bike and there is compression, the kickstarter will come to a stop half way on the kick with a noise best described as if the piston comes to a halt with a squeeking noise (not grinding), unless it's something else. Any thoughts on my concerns? Thanks.