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  1. caliwakeboarder

    2005 yz450f

    thank you for all the replys. I ended up buying it from the guy. the bike was in great condition, started and idled perfect. no leaks everything felt tight. the bike still ahs the stock stickers on the fenders. I feel like I got a great deal. im ready to tear it down so i can tear it up.
  2. caliwakeboarder

    2005 yz450f

    ok im buying my first 4 stroke tommorow.im buying a used o5 yz450f. the only upgrades are hanguards and frame guards. what issues do i need to look out for with an 05? any help is much app:excuseme:
  3. caliwakeboarder

    our 06 rmz450 died

    wow that sucks suzuki is having a hard time with these bikes,,,,
  4. caliwakeboarder

    450 smr

    how hard is it to change the 450 smr over to a dirt worthy bike. what needs to be changed besides the rims and tires? any help would be helpfull?
  5. caliwakeboarder

    trying to get a track built in my town

    well good luck with that. the younger kids are getting skateboard parks built everywhere. why cant you get a motorcross track built. atleast it will make money with the admission fee.
  6. caliwakeboarder

    rm250 oily pipe

    it does smoke alittle but it doesnt bother me,but my new jersy has oil stains on the back of it and the yellow back fender has oil on it now too, im pulling the carb off this weekend and jetting it down one size and im going to have to repack the silencer and clean out the pipe, im going to try a diiferent oil im using super m in it.thank you for the comments
  7. caliwakeboarder

    rm250 oily pipe

    thank you i will look into the jetting on the carb to see,and i will not run super m oil anymore,thanks for the advice from everyone
  8. caliwakeboarder

    rm250 oily pipe

    hey there im having a problem with my 99 rm250. its all stock except a fmf pipe and silencer. i run super m oil in itit smokes alot when riding and at the end of the day there is like unburnt oil dripping out of the back of the silencer and when i look the back of my jersy has oil stains on it,any help on where to start to fix would be much appreciated.