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    350 Raptor!?

    I bought my girlfriend an 05 raptor 350 with white bros slip on exhaust. It has plenty of power for her but when i rode it in the dunes it felt slow, but then again i am used to my 06 450 piped with intake. I think she wants more power already but doesn't want to say anything. I did not change the jets from factory or remove the air box lid so there might be some power to be gained there. I will say the suspension felt like a caddy compared to mine. I think if you can get a Z400 for the same price I would do that.

    2006 Yfz 450 ???

    I as well bought an 06. When my friend with an 05 first saw it he said " 80 changes my ass". He has +2 A-arms with Elka shocks, Hot cams, CDI Rev-limiter box, head porting, DR D slip on, and K+N filter in the stock air box. The first thing he said after riding mine when it was stock with exhaust baffle out was, " Wow thats a totally different bike, thats amazing that its the same bike but feels so much different. "Since then I put DR. D slip-on, ESR intake, No cam mod, and an air fuel meter for tuning and We raced tons of times up comp hill and on flat dirt roads. My bike is dead even with his he is so pissed. Up comp hill we run side by side all the way up. We have the exact same back rims and paddles. On the flat road his does seem to pull on me at the end of 5th, may be due to the higher rev limiter. He had his dynoed at Custom Cycle - ATV 1704 North Country Club Drive,Mesa AZ. It had 44 HP. Get an 06 you will be glad you did, but then again when the 07 comes out I bet you'll wish you would have waited for that Can't keep waiting forever.

    Tunning Made REALY EASY!

    I would have to agree, with digitaltwitch. I installed the same thing on my 06 450 and it is very accurate. I have an air fuel meter in my turbo-ed car and it jumps around so much it is hard to tune with, but ********* meter has a very stable reading. The only hard part is looking down at it while at WOT.

    DO NOT do cam mod on '06 YFZ!

    I was wondering if I should do the cam mod on my 06. I'm not doing it now glad I saw this.

    YFZ450 Pricing

    I just picked up an 06 from champion motorsports for 6800 OTD. My cousin knew the sales manager so I didn't get raped. They are in Mesa AZ.