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  1. telcobilly

    header pipe weld removal and jetting?

    +1, would a Dremel work? Does it weaken the head pipe any? Do you have to replace the exhaust gasket at the head after removing the head pipe? I'm interested too.. thanks,
  2. telcobilly

    color opinion poll

    +1 even though I like my blue one, the black is even nicer..
  3. telcobilly

    DR650 carb settings

    which 'weld" are you talking about. I have done the jetting, slipon and airbox mods already and it's running great, with a mpg penalty though...
  4. telcobilly

    Pictures of my new DR650

    I removed the rear fender ext and then mounted the small metal lic plate bracket from the removed fender to the remaining blue fender. A pic is worth a 1000 words.. http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a341/telcobilly/scoots/my_dr_mar_06_b.jpg
  5. telcobilly

    Handle bars and alignment on my DR650

    I know the steel bars look appealing for the $$, but typically, they bend easier than the quality alum bars. I have 7/8" Renthals and the wall thickness is much thicker than the stock noodle that came with the DR. The weights you are asking about are there to minimise vibes to the rider through the grips. I have aftermarket hand guards, so I don't use them anymore, but vibes haven't been a problem for me... You can do the old bicycle trick to straighten out the bars/front wheel, just hold the wheel with your legs and tweak the bars over until it lines up... good luck!
  6. telcobilly

    DR650 seat - Gel or Corbin?

    +1 for the Corbin, but if I had it to do again, I would get grippier seat material. Other than that, I'm very happy.
  7. telcobilly

    how many miles b4 switching to synthetic oil?

    I think anytime you start with syn, you are fine. Sometimes it's a cost savings strategy to switch later on, but later is better then never.. Here's some m/c specific info on the Rotella forum: http://www.rotella.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=Motorcycle&Number=71&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=11&o=&fpart=1 There are no friction modifiers in Rotella, so wet clutchs are ok with this oil..
  8. telcobilly

    Couple Dr650 Questions

    I put alu Moose Racing guards. I had to ditch the weights, but vibes are not a problem. The guards were $39 and the plastic shields were $14. Here's a pic of mine: http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a341/telcobilly/scoots/my_dr_handguards_5.jpg
  9. telcobilly

    how many miles b4 switching to synthetic oil?

    I just put Rotella 5w-40 syn oil at 3010miles. I could tell that the shifting was better immediately and engine sounded quieter. I had Honda dino m/c oil in it before. http://motorcycleinfo.calsci.com/Oils1.html "Shell Rotella-T Synthetic is available at Wal-Mart for $13 / gallon, so I consider this the motor oil of choice. "
  10. telcobilly

    anyone running a 16 tooth front sprocket?

    agreed! I have 14-15-16t c/s sprockets with the 16t on right now. It makes for more relaxed cruising and a different size can be swapped quickly. I like the ones that Jesse has because he has 520 or 525 size with a thickened area in the center. His have the circlip so you don't even need the retainer plate. http://www.kientech.com/DR650ConvNstandardsprocketkits.htm
  11. telcobilly

    Off road with DR!!!

    they don't call them "deathwings" for nothing!
  12. telcobilly

    Inital impressions of new DR650

    don't kid yourself, you'll get another DR650... I did!
  13. telcobilly

    Extended Fuel Screw Fell Out ??????

    Mine is out about 1.25 turns and runs great overall. Every now and again it will stall when coasting to a stop (maybe twice?) I had it 2.25 turns out before and it ran fine, but I think it was too rich..
  14. telcobilly

    DR does my head in!!!

    congrats! always good to solve a problem. How many kicks when the engine is hot? 4 kicks sounds right for a cold engine, that's about how many my old '93 took.
  15. telcobilly

    DR650 16t and chain length

    I'm running a 16T with the stock chain and there is no problem with the adjusters or any change in handling. Rear sprocket is stock too.