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  1. Jesse I talked to Merrill and he still cant ride yet because of his elbow.I will talk to Eric this weekend and see if he is in.
  2. Hey Jesse dont forget to tell Yogi how hard you laughed at me when I went head first off the wooden bridge.Hey it was a fun and wet ride and only leaned on one old rotten stump.
  3. old man thanks for putting this ride together it felt good to not have to ride in the rain.Everyone was fun to ride with and worth the drive.Have to do it again.
  4. old man time we will be there and got your message. Jim
  5. old man time we would like to come join you on Saturday if you have room.Looks like 3 of us coming from the west side and will be staying in Yakima Friday night.Never been there so if you could tell us where and what time to meet you would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Jesse cant ride Christmas day,but can ride any day after that.I will be off till Friday. Jim
  7. hey Chuck great ride with a good guide,well worth the trip.Merrill one of the guys that came up with me took some pictures and I will try to get them to post. Thanks again Jim
  8. Jesse looks like a good ride.How many miles did you get and how much blow down was on the trails.Oh and the east side wasnt to bad either.
  9. Jesse cant make it heading east for the weekend.Yogi just let me know what weekend in DEC. and will try to make it. Jim
  10. jesse I rode with you out of tubos house last time.I ride a wr 250 Jim
  11. hey jesse I would like to ride sat or sun just let me know when and where
  12. hey jesse let me know when you guys are going and if i am off I would go.I had a good time the week before when we rode out of tobys place. Jim
  13. hey guys found out I am not going to be able to leave town tonight to get there so Im going to ride here sat.hopefully I will make to the east side in the future to see what taneum is all about.
  14. I would like to try and make it if you dont mind I have only been ridding for short time.I know it is between cle elum and ellensburg but could someone tell me where to turn off and how to get to the parking lot.