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  1. standup rider

    Any 1993 CR250 Owners Out There?

    I am trying to get a understanding on how a stock pipe on a 93 CR250 compares to the FMF Fatty and/or Knarly pipe. Does anyone have knowledge to how there stock pipe compared to the aftermarket one they may have replaced it with?
  2. I am looking for a used complete front wheel and know that the 2003 & newer front wheels have a larger axel size then my 2002. My question is will the newer wheels adapt to my bike with minimum work including the brake rotor alighning with the brake calipers o r anything else I may need to consider.
  3. standup rider

    Need Wiring Diagram For 06 WR450.

    I have a friend that has a a 06 Wr460 and he cannot get his tail lights to work. His headlight does work though. I told him I would help him try to track down the problem and a wiring diagram sure would help. If anyone out there could provide me one or tell me where I can go to get it then it would be greatly appreciated. I did a search but did not come up with anything.
  4. standup rider

    93 cr 250

    I have a 93 CR250 that I am in the process of making street legal. This bike stock runs a little lean. It has been recommended to me to go to a different needle and a larger main jet. From a a 175 to a 185 if my memory serves me correct. I would recommend having the suspension gone threw by a proffessional and rebuilt. It is going to cost me $120.00 for both ends from a shop close to me so hopefully you could find someone close to you that could do the same. Revalving would cost extra but you should ride the bike for a while and see how you like it stock. You can go to Race Tech web site and punch in that bike with your weight and the type of terrain you ride and see what weight fork & shock springs you need. Stock is a white colored spring on the rear shock and is for about a 160llb. rider. You will need a blue colored spring like what I have if you are above 180lbs. This is factory Honda springs and they offer three of them. One thats stock and one thats lighter and heavier then stock. Race Tech and other companies offer specilized shock springs that are made finer weight categories. You will need the the correct springs for your weight to set your sag correctly which is everything for getting the best ride out of your bike. there is plenty of info on setting up your suspension sag on this site if you do not know how. As long as your engine is OK then putting money into the suspenion & spending time to get it set up correctly is IMHO where you want to put your efforts. I have a big grin everytime I get off my CR. Good luck with yours
  5. standup rider

    Kickstand needed for a 93 CR250.

    Does anyone know if someone makes a kickstand for my 93 CR250 that mounts like most kickstands do which are to the frame of the bike. I can find the ones that mount to the swingarm but rather have one mounted the more conventional way. If the only way I can get a kickstand is by mounting it to the swingarm then does anyone have any experience with this type as to how well it works and if it gets in the way of the chain or anything. Thanks
  6. standup rider


    Buy a shop manual for your bike that shows & tells you what to do step by step. By the questions you have asked gives me the impression that you have not done anything like this before. Pulling the flywheel off only requires a flywheel puller that is made for your bike and is not that hard to do. You will need a torque wrench to retighten the flywheel nut as well. To split the cases you had better know what you are doing or you will end up with a bunch of parts that are laying on the bench that you don't know for sure where or how they go back in. I would recommend paying someone who knows what they are doing unless you are very confident you can get the job done. Taring things apart are easy. Putting it back together right is a whole different deal. Good luck
  7. standup rider

    200EXC lighting

    Your wiring harness should have the correct connector ends waiting for you at the location where you need them for the front light and back tailight. You should also have connectors available under the seat where you can connect in a rear break light switch if you want. The factory lights should match up to the connectors without being a problem. My 02 200 has a wiring harness that has been spliced and messed with from the previous owner that could cause me reliability problems so instead of tryimg to correct the mess I am going to by a new wiring harness which I believe is only about $35.00. Maybe that is what you need to do which should make everyhing match up easily. Hope I helped, good luck
  8. I have a 1993 CR250 Honda that I am going to make street legal by adding a lighting kit. I would like to know if anyone has any good or bad things to say about Moose or Electrex lighting stators which are the two I am looking at. They both cost about the same and I have already bought a Moose wiring harness which has me leaning towards buying the Moose since the wiring connections should match up. Thought I would ask this question since I would not be surprised that one of the stators could be better build and more durable then the other and I would not know this but you may. Thank you in advance for anything you would like to share.
  9. standup rider

    Advice Concerning 2002 200EXC

    Mike In Fresno, I meant to say powervalve not powerjet so I will see about making some adjustments there first I believe. I will look at the SUDCO needle or JD kit. I purchased a JD kit for my WR400 to help get rid of the bottom end bog so I like what JD has to offer. I will while I am gone on vacation have to see what my bike currently has as far as carb jettinng and suspension set up so that I know where I am at so I can understand where I need to go. It is nice to have some idea's ahead of time while I am figuring it all out. Enduro Engineering is located in Lansing Michigan and I work close to them so I will stop by to see if I can pick up a owners manual. I might purchase a one tooth larger then stock countershaft sprocket to see if that makes 2nd gear a little more usable, smooth out the hit and give me a little more top end which I think I would like. I am hoping the springs are correct for my weight as the previous owner said they were but will have to verify this and then set the sag acoordingly. RayIn & mjg15, thanks for the extra jetting & suspension info as I will keep all that in mind while I am trying to get this bike set up for me. Does anyone else have anything they would like to add? After this Saturday I will be away from civilization for two weeks just riding my bike out there on all those isolated single tracks. It sure is going to be tough spending all that time on my dirt bike. Thanks so far for all the input. I might actually come back in a couple of weeks knowing a little something.
  10. standup rider

    Advice Concerning 2002 200EXC

    Thanks for your info Rayin. My bike is a 2002
  11. standup rider

    Advice Concerning 2002 200EXC

    I just recently purchased a 2003 200 EXC and would like to know what the stock carb settings are suppose to be. It has a FMF Knarly pipe so I do not know how this effects the carb set up. Also, can anyone tell me how the stock pipe compares to the FMF because I have been hearing that stock is the best overall pipe. I would like to know what my stock air screw setting is___, Idling jet size ___, Clip position from top ___, needle # ___ & Main Jet size___. I am also looking at setting the Powerjet according to the "Langston" setting and need to know what jetting changes I may need to match this setup. I am looking for a little more low end torgue and a little less top end hit and I have no idea where the jetting or powervalve is at until I get back to my cabin this weekend when I will be on vacation and hope to get this bike better tuned for my riding style which is mostly around tight single track. Also, if anyone has any thoughts as to what really makes this bike shine like different reeds, Steering stabilizer, auto clutch, heavier flywheel (What size) and rider position adjustments enhancements such Handle bars and/or mounts, different type seat, tank foot pegs and etc. I also need to pick up a service manual of the bike and would like any suggestions where to go to get the best one for the money. I know, alot of questions but I am a KTM newbie and would like to get up to speed as quickly as possible. I am 190-200lbs and 6' tall and ride at 0 - 500' above sea level in temperatures from 40 to 85 degrees.
  12. standup rider

    First Ride Impression on my 200EXC

    Congrats Veccster on the new purchase. when do you pick it up?
  13. standup rider

    First Ride Impression on my 200EXC

    Ulmanb, I found my KTM on Craigs list for $1500.00 and could not pass it up even though I wasn't planning on buying another bike for a while. The person I bought it from updated the shrouds, tank and seat from 02 to 03 style. I think he put on a smaller SX tank so I am not really happy with that since he did not keep the stock stuff. It has a FMF Narly pipe but I heard that the stock pipe is possibly the best pipe for overall power but I do not know how they really compare. The bike is in great shape though I did have one problem with the shifter arm moving on the shaft after the second ride and it messed up the knurling a little and will need to find what the best thing to do to keep this from happening again. I tightened the bolt that holds the two together and all works fine now though I have not got back on the trail where you are hardest on your shifting. I was thinking that I would replace the CR with this bike but and have my WR for two tracks and my EXC for the single's but I have realized now that I really like that CR and may be selling my WR instead. I don't need three bikes. I know I have some tuning to do on the EXC to bring out all of its potential and am looking forward in doing so. I am though quite surprised how well the CR makes for a great woods bike both in handling and power delivery. If I keep it I will put another $500.00 into it to add the elctrical so I can install a Lighting kit and make it street legal because it makes things so much easier to ride all the trails here in Michigan as I am sure you know. Let me know if you are serious about wanting another CR because I know where there is another 93 CR250 that has been setting for the last 10 years inside and still has the stock tires on it so everything is still tight and not all beat up. I understand that the 93's steering has a steeper rake then the 95 & 96's which might make it better for the tight stuff. Thanks for the input concerning the 200. I am all ears.
  14. standup rider

    First Ride Impression on my 200EXC

    Veccster, in reply to your questions, I will be considering a heavier flywheel and/or Recluse Auto Clutch depending on how I feel after I adjust the Powervalve. I am a above average rider but do enjoy the the hit and do not want to make the bike seem boring but I also know that I will get myself in trouble eventually in the tight stuff the way it is. I have experienced that already with my CR250 which revs out strong up top but does so in a more linear way. I find myself short shifting it in the technical area's and finding my rhythm with the lower end torgue of the motor. This is what I am looking for with the 200 though I know it will never be a torgue monster. The bike does not feel small as far as height though it is shorter then my WR but a little taller then the CR. It definately feels narrow and very tossable and light but at the same time a little unstable compared to my other bikes on the two track which has me thinking about it needing a stabilizer. As far as not liking the riding position quite as good as my CR might be because I need a taller seat and/or lowered foot pegs s you mentioned but I am not sure. I had a way to bent over feeling on my WR and added a taller seat and narrower tank combo plus taller handlebars to make it feel better standing which it does but I feel to tall now or something because I just am not as smooth riding it now as compared to before and will be changing the seat/tank back to like before to see if that gets me back to how it use to feel. Who knows, it might just be me. Some days I ride fast and smooth, other days I feel forced and on the edge of going down all the time. I know I need to get this bike dialed in for me first and ride it more before I can fully sum it up as to how good it is for me. You will be shifting a lot more since you will have only one gear that will work for the particular area you are riding most of the time but owning a KDX 200 for so long I am use to that. I think a lot of people might like a 250 or 300EXC better if they were use to larger bikes so I don't know what your riding history is. Hope this helps. Anyone else have any thoughts on how the 200 compares to the 250 or 300 for that matter as far as feel?
  15. standup rider

    First Ride Impression on my 200EXC

    I just bought a 2002 200EXC and rode it for the first time last weekend. I currently own a 99 WR400 yamaha and a 93 CR250 Honda. I love the northern Michigan single track the best and rode about 70 miles worth in two rides. The power was good but did not lug quite as good as I would have hoped as I was thinking it would lug as well as my 93 Cr250 which definately has more grunt. I also thought that the 200 had plenty of power once it got into the midrange and came on harder then I would like to be able to stay in control on the tighter single track. I know I can adjust the Powervalve to control the hit so I have some info on how to do so and will experiment with it. The steering feels really light and I can't help but think that I might need a steering damper unlike how I feel on my other two bikes. I have yet to adjust the sag so I know I need to tune that in though I was told by the previous owner that the first owner he bought the bike from had the suspension set up for a 190 lb. rider which is what I weigh. I did like how well the bike could change direction and felt that the rider position was good for me though I thought that it was easier for me to ride standing up better on the CR. I have owned the CR since this spring and only have a hand full of rides on it so I am still getting use to that bike as well. I have some friends that have bigger bore 4 stroke EXC's and thought I would end up with a taller sixth gear and fiound that my top gear was not that tall in comparison. I understand how you need to make all your gears count on a 200cc bike but just thought I would have a higher cruising gear for when I had to go down those two tracks to and from my single track riding. All in all I liked the 200 and after owning a 83 KDX200 for 24 years (if you can believe that) and really loved riding that bike and was use to its power and satisfied with it for the most part I can now ride the ultimate 200. Time will tell how at home I will be on this bike but one thing I know for sure is that it is far more capable of going faster then what I can do justice for it. Everyone says that its a fun bike and I guess that I couldn't agree with them more. It will be fun beating up on my 4 stroke buddies in the tight stuff once I get it dialed in.