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  1. You are correct. I installed a 400MJ and a 32.5 PJ with a RAD Valve and a PC Platinum pipe on mine this week. Combo worked extremely well. I am at 1000ft.
  2. Motosport DennisKirk
  3. Ride Report: IT RIPS! Granted, this is coming off a set of shot reeds, but the jetting seemed to work well with the 400 main and 32.5 pilot. Much improved off the bottom into the mid and far greater top end though I probably could have gotten the top end results with a rejet and no RAD Valve. When the top end gets here I am not sure I will be able to handle this thing! Should be ready to rip the uphill triple at Millville come pro-nats weekend.
  4. I think that is what they are doing. The jetting in my bike was to stock specs. Probably could have been leaned out from the get go. Im going to go with a 400 main, 2 sizes leaner than the 420 stock. I am also going to go with the 32.5 pilot, 1 size richer than stock. Try it out and see what happens.
  5. Are you saying that is not a good reflection on what is required of the RAD Valve?
  6. Great point! I also agree very much with the idea that ys ou have. I intend on sampling a few different things. As an engineer by trade and brain wave, I always tend to gravitate towards a bit of th=ory and usually sike myself out a bit on the ol tricky 2-strokes while setting them up. Guess It is the constant yearning for knowledge and understanding. I put a call into Boyesen today to try and get some tech input.
  7. Just got the Rad Valve installed on my 03 CR250 and man, what a piece of engineering that is. Before anyone flames, I have read 8 pages of threads on TT as well as other internet searches. My question is about the Pilot (slow) Jet. As the specs from Boyesen say, drop two main sizes and Richen the Pilot jet: My assumption is that the RAD-Valve flows much better off the bottom, thus wanting a larger Pilot. Stock 30 to 32.5-35 Now, my bike has a Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe on it, and I have no issue going down to a 400 main from 420 based on plug color from WOT chop, but you would think that if you are flowing better at 1/4 throttle, you should also flow better at WOT with the new tract the RAD offers. At any rate, I am going to jet to Boyesen's specs unless anyone has better options for 1000ft' above sea level.
  8. Thank you for your answer. I would really like to find a RAD Valve for this thing instead of just replacing the petals.
  9. Ok stock reeds.
  10. I can put my balls in the cage next time if it makes you feel better.
  11. Wow...thanks for the overwhelming information. I didn't realize that TT became a new troll forum like Vital.
  12. Are these Stock reeds? I am pretty sure it is the stock cage, but these look like maybe Boyesens? The screws have surely been touched by a previous owner. At any rate, I have a pretty good gap between the carbon and the fiberglass. Looking to either replace the petals or find a RAD Valve. Also, is that cage stuffer necessary? My guess is you would lose some bottom end if you take it out of the stock cage. Thanks Bros!
  13. Maybe my problem could be solved by changing the throttle angle. I find that I am not comfortable at all in trying to twist it wide open. Not the powe, but the angle.
  14. Sweet, thanks. I'm going to give it a try and hopefully not hate it.
  15. Which Motion Pro assembly is it?