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  1. Its an air cooled motor, so when the bike is being reved like this stationary, not enough air is flowing to cool it. Hes lucky he didnt seize it right there.
  2. Haha Now that a bad looking bike!
  3. im about to vote now
  4. thats awsome.....I would deffinately buy that, but the price is a bit high
  5. yeah but its still technically a 250.....but you never know
  6. I do agree that the newer bikes will likely have better control components (brakes, suspension, frame) but these bikes were probably all motor anyway. This would be a really good magazine article if they could test the two against each other (old vs. new)
  7. how would these work bikes stand up to todays regular production bikes?
  8. nice bike! you feel a noticeable diffrence from the 07?
  9. id say its a 1995-1998...dosent look too bad
  10. wow...I think id eat it going through those rutts
  11. wow sick bike man:thumbsup: looks awsome
  12. XR 80, both the 2000 and the 2003.....the thing could run forever