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  1. vintagethumper

    Longer throttle tube

    I'd like to replace the OEM throttle tube with a metal one that will fit in the stock housing (using both cables) and is longer than the stock tube so I don't have to shorten the right side grip. Any suggestions?
  2. vintagethumper

    adjusting rear spring on CRF250x

    +1 on checking the sag. The bike could have been lowered for the previous owner by just backing off the pre-load on the stock spring. But since the bike was set up for a kid, they could have changed the spring to one of lighter weight. Checking the sag will tell you if the spring is the proper one for a rider of your size. You'll know if you need an excessive amount of pre-load to get the sag correct for your weight. The pre-load (distance the spring needs to be compressed from the relaxed postion) should be about 10 to 15mm and no more than 20mm or the spring will become overly reactive to bumps when you ride.
  3. vintagethumper

    Red vs Orange

    Two of the obvious possibilities for a 250 4-stroke off-road bike are the Honda CRF 250X and the KTM 250 XCF-W. I own the red one, but am very curious as to how it compares to the orange option. Have any of you ridden both? And if so, what are the standout differences between the two?
  4. vintagethumper

    Hollister Hills - Smog Pump?

    FWIW, I took the X to Hollister Hills today and the Ranger at the gate checked only my green sticker and the stamp on the spark arrestor. I asked if they are checking for smog devices and he said he never does, but some of the other Rangers might. I'd heard from a local shop that the state was sending photos of green sticker bikes to show the Rangers what to look for, but this Ranger said he'd never heard of or seen any photos sent to them. For the time being, I'll leave mine on and run it through their gate inspection a few more times to see if any of them scrutinize it more closely.
  5. vintagethumper

    Any 250x valve problems?

    That's a good point. How about asking the members a little more specifically... Has anyone with an '06 or newer X, who feels they've done everything right, including frequent oil changes, kept the valves adjusted properly, cleaned the air cleaner after every ride, never seen evidence of dirt getting past the air cleaner and into the intake tract and stayed off the rev limiter, still had premature problems with the valves or other areas of the top end?
  6. vintagethumper

    R mods

    I'll give that a try. Thanks!
  7. vintagethumper

    NCYP needle

    I've noticed a lot of you run the stock NCYU needle and just pull it up a notch or two. The "Closed Course" bulletin advises using the NCYP (PN 16204-MEN-671) needle. What are the effects on jetting and advantages in performance when you switch to the NCYP? And which notch to you generally put the clip in?
  8. vintagethumper

    R mods

    I'm setting up an '06 X and so far, have re-jetted, opened the air box and installed an FMF Q. The next likely steps will be an R cam and head pipe. Will these R pieces push the powerband up into the RPM range and hurt the mid-range torque, or will they improve the power all around?
  9. vintagethumper

    Hollister Hills - Smog Pump?

    On a bike with a starter motor and a parameter frame, I'm for removing anything else that's not needed and in the way of putting my hands on that carb. At the same time, I'm not thrilled about the idea of being turned away from the cycle park gate due to lack of plumbing. But I'd be impressed if most of the people working the gate even knew what to look for. Especially with all the variations between makers.
  10. vintagethumper

    Hollister Hills - Smog Pump?

    That makes a lot of sense. The main benefit I see to removing it isn't about performance or even weight, it's access. I'm for anything that makes it easier to work on the carb and adjust the valves. But yea, I'll probably just leave the air injection on. Or at least until I can ask a HH ranger about their current inspection procedures.
  11. vintagethumper

    Poor Performance off of idle,

    If the bike ran well before the boil over happened, you might want to check your valve clearances before you ride it again.
  12. vintagethumper

    Hollister Hills - Smog Pump?

    I'm setting up a 250X and was going to remove the air injection system. My main riding area will be Hollister Hills. What's the latest on this situation? Have the rangers been checking for intact smog devices this summer? I've been riding there off and on for years and had never heard of them doing this until I read it in a couple of posts on this site.
  13. vintagethumper


    I just picked up an '06 that's bone stock. I weigh 185 (205 w/gear) so know I'll be going to heavier springs on both ends. But I'd like to know what the spring rates are with the OEM fork and shock springs, so I have a starting point reference. Can you guys tell me what the KG ratings are for the stock springs?
  14. vintagethumper

    '06 or '08 250X?

    Thanks the advice guys. I drove over and checked out the '06 today. After looking it over, it was easy to believe the seller's claim of ultra low hours. The bike was almost like new, with no wear marks in the usual areas. He was a new rider who tried the sport for a couple of rides and decided it wasn't for him, so the bike had been sitting for quite a while. I was glad to give his Honda a new home, where it will get ridden!
  15. vintagethumper

    '06 or '08 250X?

    I'm trying to decide between an '06 with less than 10 hours on it, or a new leftover '08. The '06 is $1700 cheaper than the '08, so it would be nice to save that much money. But I've read about several improvements between these years, so I'm wondering if the difference in performance and reliability would be worth the extra money. Thanks, VT