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  1. motocxer117


    dodge front ends suck if your going with a 4wd. i have a 97 12v and it has tons of power and gets good mpg, the mechanical pump is a plus, easy to play with and power output from it is very beneficial, either way when your getting a diesel gotta becareful with temps. if i had the money i would definately go get a duramax 04 or newer before i got another dodge, chevys are made much better, and the dirtymax is very powerful and has BRAKES!!!!
  2. motocxer117

    My 08 season

    I actually started the season off with my MX number and usually got the same barcode number, but this season it wasnt available so i threw the barcode number on the number plates. same bike, basically a works replica bike minus extreme suspension upgrades.
  3. motocxer117

    Post your holeshot pics!

    This is from the first race of the year, I impressed myself that day.
  4. motocxer117

    My 08 season

    no, just district HS, the impact image photo is from round 8 of the AMA Nat'l Harescramble
  5. motocxer117

    My 08 season

    Here are a few pics from the 2008 season, let me know what you think.
  6. motocxer117

    yet another 200 thread

    alright now look at it this way, when you get your 200 and your racing, you'll first start to like the power, but then you'll ride it and get faster on it, then it won't be able to give you some of the demand's you need out of and then you'll think about a 250 and why you didn't get one.(i'm going through that stage of withdrawal right now)
  7. motocxer117

    Villopoto at my track

    how the hell do you get away with having mx track's in the back yard's of houses in california?
  8. motocxer117

    taming my 200

    i recently added full fmf exhaust on my 200, 12oz flywheel, 47 tooth sprocket(kinda suck's having to race with that small= stalling out in the wood's)ignition switch, and piston..... reason said is adding all the goodies even's out the power range very well
  9. motocxer117

    All 200 Gnarly pipes

    get the ignition map select switch before you dump the money into the muffler, the switch will give you drastic improvement's on bottom end when it's used.
  10. motocxer117

    yet another 200 thread

    i run a 07 200xc and there's so much stuff you can do to them with power and speed wise, but keep this in mine, why not just get a 250xc? you still have an advantage being 250cc 2stroke vs 250cc 4stroke in the 250C class i'm assuming. think about a 250 before you bite into the 200.
  11. motocxer117

    Hand Gaurd Pics

    http://www.motosport.com/offroad/product/ACERBIS-MULTICONCEPT-ENDURO/?catalogId=100093&refine=1&sortOrder=Rating&srchHistoryURL=jic7kf7y||parentCategoryID~1^superParentCategoryID~category_root^parentCategoryName~Dirt^categoryID~4^categoryName~Dirt%20Bike%20Parts^subCategoryName~Bars%20and%20Controls^subCategoryID~53@qfdjjs61||parentCategoryID~53^categoryID~168^categoryName~Hand%20Guards@swv8s80y||sort_field~Rating%20(Descending)#TB_inline&height=320&width=420&inlineId=defaultViewer highly recommend those, i run EE on my ktm, and i've always had problem's with them vibratin loose
  12. motocxer117

    Dirty to Purty!

    sick ass quad man
  13. motocxer117

    07 200

    thats cool i ask a simple question, and i get a bunch of snotty ass comments back, and one thing that i would think of doing which was the stickers.
  14. motocxer117

    07 200

    y does it have to be all one peice, the jap bikes are seperate from fender to number panels. wuts the best way to get the stickers off, so u can stick them on another hunk of plastic
  15. motocxer117

    07 200

    why is the back fender made of such shitty design i went back to dfar on a wheelie today and crackede it in like 6 different spots its 45 for a new fender and another fifty for decals