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  1. jhawes

    Any early Big Bear 350 4X4 owners ?

    I don't think I'm that lucky. The diff was dismantled two owners ago and needs new bearings at the least. The axle splines are worn off; I'm not sure about the ring gears' splines yet. The pinion gear bearing is shot and I can't get the collar-nut thing out as someone tried to remove it by turning the wrong way and destroyed the notches for loosening. I'll probably buy new parts as I have the money. Just wondering how you like them and anything to watch for or special tips Thanks!
  2. jhawes

    Any early Big Bear 350 4X4 owners ?

    Hi Sam, I have been given a '92 Big Bear that needs the rear end rebuilt or replaced. It hadn't run for a year before I got it. I have had it running with the choke on but it's too cold to clean the carb now. I've been checking online for parts and found a guy on the highlifter forum that sells OEM parts at a good discount. I will be ordering stuff from him. Can you tell me more about your ATVs? Jeff in WI
  3. jhawes

    '83 XR80 exhaust

    Does anyone make a pipe for an '83 XR80? Will other pipes fit? An online parts fiche I found says that 80 thru 83 used the same pipe but the aftermarket pipes don't show anything for 83 & 84. Thanks!