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  1. that looked almost intentional.
  2. you obviously dont ride you bicycle enough. you NEVER disable your front brake. well... actually. for you it might be a good idea.
  3. how much money do you have to spend?
  4. yeah man. that took balls considering the circumstances. though... it does look like you know what your doing, good luck in the future and ride safe.
  5. its a good way to learn how to ride
  6. awsome. i too... hate those damn 30 second vids.
  7. *ahem nice curves burned. the info found so far on this site is pure gold in terms of getting that high rpm horspower out of a single. that has been my biggest deterent in getting a drz400-sm for street. (low revability) as i read on... that single scream seems more and more inviting.
  8. what's the average weight for a true motard?
  9. he needs to get laid. GHO CANNUCKS!
  10. you guys should try riding 200kms on a pedal bike.
  11. that... *sniff* is the most beautifull... *sniff* bike i've ever seen. think it'll make it to canada next year?
  12. lotta jiggling happening there.
  13. bikes in general do that. having a light bike on sticky tires excentuates the front tire's tendencies. having trail on the front means that any steering input while leaned will tend to push the frame up. like... imagine while your leaned over far to the right and you turn out of the corner (left) your pushing the against the ground with the rear of your tire. trail slows steering response to make the bike stable. so... when switching sides at a given speed. you have to allow the wheel to follow the inputs given to it by the bike. you holding onto the handle bars doesn't help either. what i do. is when i decide to go the other way i sit on the other side of the bike and turn against the turn (counter steer) this will make the bike want to fall into the turn better and will set the front in motion for when going over the top. just take it easy. dial your suspension and let the bike move you to were you want to go. your hands, knees, feet and mind are your steering damper. flow with the bike.
  14. this box... what are you gonna try and do with it? smooth out the ignition?