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  1. What kind of sleeve do you need to make for them to work?
  2. You can get the Pro Circuit T-4 off of ebay brand new for $215. Its a really good pipe
  3. Ya for sure give it a try. If your still running you spark arrestor in your stock silencer, then by welding up the 250 silencer you will see a slite benefit in performance, plus it will sound way cooler than stock.
  4. Suzuki Loyal, I did this with my 110 when I first got it, I had a stock 250 silencer laying around so did it just for fun. I shortened the silencer alittle and then welded it to the stock 110 pipe. It actually sounded pretty good a little deeper than a FMF 110 pipe. As far as performance, didnt do much just sounded faster.
  5. PC T4, or the new CHP pipe from Classic Honda.
  6. BBR makes the damping rods which will increase travel about 1.5", Race-Tech makes the gold-valve emulators. You can find both at: Or you can go with the damping rod kit from , This is who does all of Willy Brownings 110s.