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  1. Just freshened up my 06. Went from all white back to red.
  2. gino_filice

    HELP- huge rookie mistake - i dropped the bearing retainer clip

    i tried the magnet to see if I could get it to the filler hole no luck, cracked the cover 1/4 inch and it fell out. wow im not going to make that mistake again!
  3. ok, almost done with my first valve job and seating the last bearing when the clip popped out and fell deep (somehow jumping and crawling around the towel i had stuffed there) down near the bottom of the cam shaft chain. How do i get that sucker out???? Help? please
  4. gino_filice

    06 cf250x Jetting Help.... does this sound right?

    im not even sure what leak get I have. Do i have to pull the bottom of the carb to get to that sucker?
  5. gino_filice

    06 cf250x Jetting Help.... does this sound right?

    thanks for the info, sounds like most of you would up the main to at least 165. I figured out how to change the main and pilot pretty easy, but I still can figure out how to change the needle. Do you guys pull the whole carb out? I removed the tank but still have issues getting to the top of the carb? Any tricks or tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. gino_filice

    06 cf250x Jetting Help.... does this sound right?

    45 you say. ok maybe ill try that. Do you think I should install the AP cover? it has been sitting around for like a year.
  7. Posts: 2 Location: San Francisco PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 7:36 pm Post subject: 06 crf250x Jetting Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post OK, so a friend told me to setup my bike with the below setup. I would love an opinion if I am on track or not? Model: 06 250X Settings for what altitude: 0-2500 ft Airbox mods: cut open Air Filter changes: Twin Air Power Flow Kit Main jet size: 162 Needle used: JD RED clip location: 5th position Pilot Jet: 42 fuel screw: 2 turns JD thick O-ring Any other related changes: 06 R Cam DrD full exhaust pink wire mod Applied Racing vent re-route Smog Removed boyesen AP cover not installed, should I?
  8. http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/sredir?uname=ginofilice1&target=ALBUM&id=5284510111928600081&authkey=HiFFyS2pHhk&feat=email
  9. gino_filice

    Most scary moment

    i swapped out at moon rocks in nevada about 10 miles of 4 foot whoops from our truck and about 35 minutes drive from the Hospital. I ended up popping my spleen and breaking 2 ribs. The doc at told me after my emergency surgery that I lost a 3rd of my blood internally (which they later transfused back into my body). I know that some of you have rode back with broken ribs, but try a popped spleen and 10 miles of whoops. that really sucked. If i had waited for a heli or someone to get me.. i would have died.