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  1. yz777

    Pics from LPNF 6/14 ride

    where is lpnf?
  2. yz777

    Mazourka Peak Condition

    my pops lives in independence just rode there no snow at all! this would be a perfect time to do it because it is not too hot just yet
  3. Philbrook Lake Good Riding And Good Camping/fishing Not For Anohter Couple Of Months Though Approx Three Hours From Sac.
  4. yz777

    Virginia City GP

    Vcgp! First Time Last Year What A Blast, Very Dusty Or Very Muddy It All Depends On The Weather, But Deffinatley Rocks All Over, Not Too Hard Though The Bigest Obstacle Is All Of The Slower Riders In Front Of You That Are Crashing All Over The Rocks, Just Keep A Good Distance Between You And The Rider In Front Of You On The Rocky Uphill, And Remember That You Are There For Fun So Don't Go And Hurt Yourself.
  5. yz777

    stony ford?

    is stony ford open? and is there noise restrictions there?
  6. yz777

    2006 ktm 200xc

    sub; too much oil and only road for approx 20-25 minutes, what do you recomend cleaning out? would too much oil cause my bike to run like crap? it sounds great in nuetral however when you put it in gear and give it gas it just does not sound good or ride good just bogs and spuders
  7. yz777

    2006 ktm 200xc

    yeah my bike ran fine before the possible gas issue, it only has approx 10-15 hrs on it, my dad mxed the oil so i don't know what the problem is, could the power valve be all gunked up?
  8. yz777

    2006 ktm 200xc

    just a stupid qustion, i think i mixed my fuel too rich and now my new bike barley runs, i drained the fuel and replaced the spark plug and it still runs really shi...! what else can i do? any help would be great new to a 2 stroke.
  9. Good On You!!!! It Sounds Like It Was A Good Thing That You Had A Gps With You. Why In The World Was The Helicopter Pilot Telling You What To Do Did He Not Have Any Medics Of Nurses Working With Him?
  10. yz777

    Spare front fender?

    I Have A Blue, White, And Black One Let Me Know If You Want One Of Them!
  11. yz777

    California City to Mammoth Mountain

    hey my dad and i just went from independence to mono lake awesome ride if any of you need any info let me know, i grew up in independence and my dad still lives there!
  12. yz777

    Fatal accident at Black Butte OHV

  13. yz777

    yz250f compared to a ktm 200

    Just Rode My Dad's Ktm 200xc I Like It Alot Better Than My 04 Yz 250f Awesome For Trail Riding It Has Good Power Off The Bottom Not A Whole Lot Of Top Speed
  14. yz777

    Off road 06 YZ250F

    Sounds Nice! How About A Picture?