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  1. wrfhowl

    Spool it up!?!?

    thank you!!! thats all i wanted too know!
  2. wrfhowl

    Spool it up!?!?

    sorry for all the confusion! i wanted to now how you get all the black smoke in a manual. a auto correct me if im wrong, you just power brake you truck. all i wanted to see is all that black smoke! but in a 5-6spd tranny.
  3. How do you get a cummins 5spd to spool up!?? i think with an auto you powerbrake it but i dont like the idea of having a auto in a dodge 95-01. i know too many pple w/ auto problems in the dodges and going broke over the cummins is enough well spent money, its like having a 87-97 ford auto:mad: not to dis the ford fans or duramax:thumbsup:
  4. my buddie has a 96 ranger with 3" body and has a leveling kit(coil spacer and isnt installed) but he dosent know if he needs the the drop brackets for the front end. he's 33's and rubs up front. is the jeep comanche and good? they have a sloid front end and i think they come with the inline 6 and other smaller motors.
  5. i was told the 2.8 ford motor was crap, when did they start making the 4.0?
  6. which is better in the small pickups, ifs or tbb. im looking for a early 80's to late/early 90's compact 4x4. i want to run 33's maybe 35's.
  7. wrfhowl

    chevy 4.8 V8?

    the 4.8 (283) is a good motor, the mpg ive heard is 20-21
  8. wrfhowl

    biulding a muscle truck

    the episode of pinks the s10 was running a 355 w/NOS
  9. wrfhowl

    I wish this was mine!

    I'd rather have the Humvee! but thats my opinion.
  10. wrfhowl

    my 4x4 is done

    someone has quit ah imagination. a year ago i saw a 68 camaro on 38"s not my choice but thumbs up too all that hard work!
  11. i just bought a 79' chev 1/2 4x4 for 700 bucks and there are no brake lights. the parking lights,blinkers,back up work and when you turn the lights on they work. i checked the bulbs (which are good) and the switch at the brake pedal ( i used anther switch and no results) and they have power too them . i pulled the fueses and they were fine but i dont know if im missing any and the fan in the cab is always going when you turn the key on acc and the washer fluid will spray all the time when the wipers are on!? does anyone know where i could look at a diagram on the web?? our did i just buy a lemon
  12. wrfhowl

    3.0 V6 Ranger

    i have friends with the 3.0 and the 4L, the 3L revs quick but dosent have low end power. the stock 3L is a 99 x-cab 4x4 5spd auto hubs 31" tires and the 4L is a 96 x-cab 4x4 5spd manual hubs with 33" tires. both have over 110,000 miles on them and are still going. the 4L was getting 16 18mpg before the 33" but it was a blown head gasket that caused the poor mileage. now hes getting 18+ and can take off in second gear.
  13. i might be able too buy a 1990 f250 4x4 5spd efi 460 from a kid know for dirt cheap!! i was told there were censures that are prohibiting the motor to run!? i talked too anther friend he was told you could swap in a carberated manifold and carb too this motor and get rid of the efi!. it would only be for the four wheelin and i dont have a lot of money so i wander if it might be worth the couple of hundred dollars to get the censures?
  14. wrfhowl

    Pictures.. Thanks

    yea Nizzle!! some old school truck and cr!!! gotta love it!
  15. the v10 i was told is a pile!!! if you want a excursion go with the diesel!!!