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  1. 2 of us will be at capital forest (wadell creek)
  2. i seen a rabbit on the trail one time
  3. Oil

    I only asked because i here that if you dont use the honda oil and use a 4 stroke oil that it might make your clutch slip. They say that the honda oil has some additive in it to keep this from happening that the others dont, i dunno if there B.S. ing me or what.
  4. We went in at Elphendahl with a guy that rides there pretty much every weekend. We put about 45 miles on the bikes i ended up kicking a spoke out of rear tire and another guy ended up with a flat tire. I can only think that it had something to do with all the rocks.
  5. Oil

    What kind of oil do you run in your xr 400 and why?
  6. Rode Belfair for the first time last weekend. Before that ive always rode Capitol Forest (wadell creek). Just wondering from those of you that have rode both places what you think is the better place to ride. As for me i think im still a capitol forest guy, only because of all the rocks at Belfair. 40 miles at Belfair felt like 80 miles at wadell. Although i think when its wet out Belfair might be the better place for traction. Thats just my 2 cents.
  7. Yes we decided to get a cable lock and lock the cans and ramps and whatever else we need to lock up. Just cant trust anyone these days, stupid tweekers will take anything.
  8. Went camping and riding at middle waddell creek last weekend and had a great time. Untill we got back and discovered someone had taken two 5 gallon gas cans and a tool box. I guess its our fault for leaving them in the back of the truck and not locked up somehow. But really this is just a reminder to everyone to lock up your stuff, because you just cant trust anyone.
  9. guess nobody rides there, oh well back to waddle creek.
  10. Anyone riding bradly trails on sunday, if so pm me if you dont mind if i go along.
  11. I rode mid waddle on saturday and traffic wasnt to bad, and only one bad area that we came across. Although i lost my clutch bolt but some people hooked me up with a new one. Want to go again soon if i can find someone to go with.
  12. Just got back from the waddle creek area, was pretty good, not to wet. A bit slipery in a few areas, only bit it 3 times. Going again next weekend.
  13. might be going this sunday on the rock candy side.
  14. Looking for a 89 cr 500 rear rim. Let me know if you know of one or have one for sale. Thanks
  15. you can add me to that list