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  1. spydermat

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Does anyone know if a keihin will fit on a 1999 TTR250? Mine is seriously worn and its cheaper for a Keihin than Yamaha parts. Has anyone done this swap and had good results. Thanks
  2. spydermat

    Thinking of a 450X, among others :)

    Hey Syc, I agree with Tattoo on the hours to check. The 450X is a pretty tough machine. I look after 2 450x's in Australia for 2 enduro racers, and the conditions here are tough. Our dust is like Baja silt!! That's the number one valve destroyer and we are on the original valves after a full season of HARD riding, and 1 top end. The new KLX450s are good, but not as good in the fuel mileage, due to a smaller tank. They also boil over quicker because the radiators are the same ones off the KX450. Hard to do though. This bike is more race orientated than the CRF, harder suspension and narrower. The CRF will be more comfortable over long and rough rides. Hope this helps
  3. spydermat

    06 lighting coil

    Hey Guys, which wire are joining up to a light on the '04 KXF250? Theres 2 Yellows, is it the one that becomes white after the plug or the black & yellow? Cheers.
  4. spydermat

    Hot header kxf

    Thats the answer I'd expect from ADB. Useless
  5. spydermat

    Hot header kxf

    My friend has a '04 kx250f with a heating problem. The bike has no engine mods and stock pipe. Out of the blue the exhaust head pipe would get hot enough to glow after only idling for 1 minute when its cold! The engine is cold enough to touch but the exhaust is glowing. I shut it down straight away and pulled the carby down and gave it a good clean out. It runs smoother but still glows. The bike ran great before. I thought that maybe the fuel screw is out? Jetting is stock and we are at sea level and 20 Degree C. Any suggestions?