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  1. DrScandinavia

    The 2017 Freeride E-XC has offically arrived

    There's a video of a guy in Sweden having an encounter with an elk, and the elk was "what da &%$#@!, it doesn't sound, you caught me off guard" or something. Just bought myself an e-xc. Will be very interesting to feel it out. This site needs a separate electric freeride sub directory under the KTM bike specific forum?
  2. DrScandinavia

    Mounting 2016-2018 125sx engine bolt torque order?

    Tnx lads. Don't have any shims, but I know this is a trick people do to make 500smokers less vibrant. So guess all bikes would benefit from the idea. I actually think I'm going to torque in segments with the suggested order as a base.
  3. Owners manual sux. KTM should check out the Jap versions. They all cover everything. Read my YZ manual about engine installation, as which bolt to start torquing. I have to imagine it actually matters, as starting in the wrong end, could mean extra stress and mounts and an engine that might be "twisted" a bit over exaggerated I know. Anyhow, YZ manuals says start with pivot shaft, then the lower bolt, then the front one, and finally that cylinder head bolts. Figure it has to be the same here? You guys have any info?
  4. DrScandinavia

    Clutch slave change sx125 2016...

    Damn, pretty sure the lever has been pulled. Well I like your idea (duh). Notice they want DOT 5.1 for it...
  5. DrScandinavia

    Clutch slave change sx125 2016...

    New to KTMs. I will put a used mill complete with clutch and everything in a new frame/bike which already has a new clutch slave and reservoir on it. So my question is... Is it troublesome to change slave, can it end up with issues, takes time, that can motivate me to keep the old assembly. Choosing to use an 57 hour assembly over a new one because of laziness.
  6. DrScandinavia

    2016 KTM Husky 125 what is interchangeable?

  7. Looking for a mill for my SX125 2018, and figure all Austrian new gen 125/150 engines is a direct bolt on (some enduro bikes like, exc, TE etc got upgraded to the new mill 2017 though) What about swing-arm, linkage, suspension, triple clamps? Is the 4cs a direct bolt on with triple clamp and wheel axle etc?
  8. DrScandinavia

    05 YZ250 - What else to upgrade front end?

    Ok. Would be interesting to read the figures. YZ125/YZ250 share linkage, swingarm, but steering stem differs in length, guessing the 250 has a taller stem, which would mean the lower clamp would sit lower on tubes (since the upper clamp should line with the marking on the forks, and the clamps are the same), asking for cartridge to expand the same distance as the added stem hight? If that is correct, the 250 would have more flex, longer stroke?
  9. DrScandinavia

    05 YZ250 - What else to upgrade front end?

    Are you guys sure about the 250f forks being shorter? I think I did measure a pair from 2006 YZ250F to my 2006 YZ125, and came up with the same length. But I might be mistaken? Still they have the same OEM numbers, the inner and other tube and the cartridge? Measure before you ditch them.
  10. DrScandinavia

    Left front axle spacer 09+ 125/250 smoker...

    U rule!!!
  11. Does it differ from previous years? Anyone know the actual width?
  12. DrScandinavia

    99-01 flywheel on a 02 (yz250)?

    Hard (or pricey) to find a flywheel weight for an 02 (they share the 99-01 crank, but have different flywheel, with a OEM weight installed), so figure I buy a flywheel weight for my 01 flywheel I happen to have as well. Goes onto a 2002 crank/mill. Did I screw up? I thought it was a good solution...
  13. Dunno. I have an aluminium frame waiting to merge with a 2002 mill. But I like stealys. What do you suggest? Black?
  14. DrScandinavia

    This a Honda front hub?

    Bought this from an auction, was labeled weird. Figure it's for an CRF or CR based on looks. But does stamps MEN-2, YSX and 6.0 appears on yours?