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  1. jp34

    husaberg fe450

    hii am john from australia i to have not long purchased a husaberg fe 501 03 i have had wr 450 and as the guy said the more you ride these bikes the better they geti am running a 14/50 and it pulls well it does take a little to get use to the rideing position but other than that it perfect and seem to be very reliable
  2. jp34

    vor 503 mx 2001

    i road both found the vor really smooth and the crf the same hard to decide and now after the vor was sold its really hard to find one there rare in Australia and some are over priced a 2002 530 cost around $6000
  3. jp34

    vor 503 mx 2001

    so you guys no my ride at present is a yz 426 2000 good in the open but average on the real tight single track
  4. jp34

    vor 503 mx 2001

    thanks guys for the info sorry for taking so long to reply work commitments I'm tossing up between crf 450 02 or 02 vor 530 el the 501 was sold
  5. jp34

    vor 503 mx 2001

    thanks very muck for that i will give it a look
  6. jp34

    vor 503 mx 2001

    undefinedvor 503 mx 2001 I'm looking at purchasing on and would like to find any info on this model good or bad this bike will not be raced only trail ridden will it go well single track and wide open work any info would be greatly appreciated
  7. jp34

    2003 Vor Sm530e

    hi I'm looking at buying a vor 503 mx 2001 and was wondering if any one could give any info good or bad on these bikes ie what to look for