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    KLX's gone next year?

    Visited my local Kwaka dealer here in Australia today to ask about the 2006 series. He doesn't have a date yet on their arrival but he has dropped prices on the KLX250R 2005 models to move as many as he can. Kawasaki are sweetening the deal by shipping all new owners a free kit with everything needed to convert these bikes to the 300cc version. Comparing the info on the 2006 models shown on the main website to the specs of the 2005 models, I can't see any difference at all. Still the same old Keihin CVK34 carbie and same old front shocks with no rebound dampening. Unless there is something I am missing, I am far better off buying one of these 2005 models with the free upgrade kit than waiting and paying more for a "new" model at a higher price.